The Iranian Polymer Industries could mainly be divided into 4 Categories:

1- Iranian Plastics Industry

2- Iranian Rubber Industry

3- Iranian Resins & Paints Industry

4- Others scattered sectors

Each of the 4 above categories have their own subdivisions of: Research, Designing and Projects, Raw Materials, Moulds and Tooling (if necessary), Machine Manufacturing, Goods Production and Wholesaling.

All sectors of the Iranian Polymer Industries are very well developed in every subdivisions, and the whole industry enjoys very well developed sectors in:

Designing, Project Management, Raw Materials Production, Mould and Tools Manufacturing, Processing Machines Manufacturing and Part Production.

Each sector has its own Association and Cooperative and except the Rubber Industry sector (mainly giant companies), most the other sectors belong to small, medium and large size private companies.

The Rubber Industry sector, mainly is composed of Tire Manufacturing companies, which after revolution became state owned companies. Nowadays, they are apparently private companies, but the fact is that most of their shareholders are the state offices which belong finally to the Government. After 1979 revolution due to more freedom in production and more belief of the governments to job creation, many small and medium size companies received formal permissions from Ministry of “Industry, Mines and Trade” (IMT) and so started to expand at the private sector. Also, a couple of huge tire manufacturing companies were established, but was the start of an end to this sector, because tire manufacturing companies need huge capital investments which never was available, either due to the economical crisis during the Iraq-Iran war, or due to sanctions imposed over Iran.

The Iranian Resin and Paint industry;

Other Sectors