16th International Exhibition of Transportation, Urban Services and Related Industries

16th International Exhibition of Transportation, Urban Services and Related IndustriesThe 16th international exhibition of transportation, Urban Services and Related Industries will be held on Jan. 2nd 2019 and will run till Jan. 5th at the Tehran’s permanent international fairground. 

Based on the information released at the “Avin International Holding“- the exhibition organizer- website, the “ITUF 2019”  has been planned to fulfill three main goals: 1) The public understanding of their significant role in the urban economic development; 2) The responsibilities of the relevant institutions and decision makers in relation to the public demands, social contribution, civil and public services reconstruction in metropolitan, surveying transportation and traffic problems, management systems for development of new structures for public transportation, elimination of old vehicles, management of transportation demands and 3) Providing necessary pathways for closer relationship between domestic and international organizations and suppliers.

These goals have been briefed in 5 main objectives:

1 – Introduction of achievements, and, National  and International capabilities;

2 – Know-How and technology transfer;

3 – Understanding global patterns of success in the field of transportation;

4 – Potentials in domestic and foreign investment;

5 – Improvement of environmental conditions in major cities and optimization of fuel consumption.

The fields of activities of “ITUF 2019” will also cover a wide area:


Including; Public Transportation, Commercial transportation, Railroad transportation, Hybrid electric vehicles.

Construction and road construction machinery.

Services and related equipment.

Road safety and privacy.

Motorcycles, Bicycles and related industries.

Intelligent traffic control systems.

Communications and telecommunications satellite and equipment.

Urban Services:

Including; City planning, Urban design, Building materials, Urban renewal, Municipal building, Building technology & machinery, Construction equipment, Tools & machines, Scaffolding, Industrials health and safety, Security technology, Equipment and technical services for public and private section firefighting, Fire pump & protection, Firefighting equipment, Public services, Municipal cleaning, Water technology, Waste disposal, Environment protection, Recycling, Sewage water technology, Air purification, Noise protection, Exhaust gas installation, Measuring systems, Logistics, Laboratory, Landscaping, Landscape conservation, Lighting technology, Garden & horticulture equipment, Garden conservation, Parks, Aero logy, Camping accessories, Sport equipment, Cemetery technology, Slaughter house technology, Computer systems & software, Laboratory technology, Research & development, Specialist publishers & Literature, Municipal vehicles, Commercial Cars Vehicles, Motorcycle, Road Cleaning, Winter Road Services, Petrol Station Equipment, Off-Road Vehicles, Car Services, Car Care, Car care products, Municipal Engineering, Mobile Sales Wagons, Catering Supplies, Consumer Electronics, Leisure Park equipment, Green Houses, Decoration, Gardening Materials, Green, Paints, Agricultural Machinery, Commercial Cleaning, Waste Management, Mobile Homes Caravans, Motor caravans, Medical Appliances, Protective Clothing, Protective Equipment and Services, Alarm systems, Disaster Control Garden Furniture, Green areas Construction, Landscaping Construction, Work Shops, Services Station, Petrol Station Equipment, CNG + LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, Artificial Flowers, Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees, Artificial Turf, Balustrading, Christmas Supplies, Compost, Computer Software/Training, etc.

16th International Exhibition of Transportation, Urban Services and Related Industries

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