Macplas Online Continues its Interesting News about Made in Italy

Macplas Online Continues its Interesting News about Made in ItalyOn Wednesday October 11th, the MACPLASONLINE issue no. 349 launched and sent to its global readers that are waiting to read more about this publication.

This edition has been published by a featured news titling :  High-speed and accurate cutting for the medical sector, that describes the Baruffaldi Plastic Technology-Primac‘s achivement in productions for medical technology. The article says about High-speed and accurate cutting for the medical sector, and continues;
The range of machines built by Baruffaldi Plastic Technology-Primac has been enriched with the new TC.TVP/40 planetary cutter with built-in traction haul-off, for cutting and evacuating medical pipes directly from straight-line extrusion systems. The new cutter is intended for the processing of PP, PE and LDPE pipes in a production area defined as a ‘clean area’ as it is designed for medical companies.
The entire structure as well as the cutting and the operative system are designed for a working environment where the whole plant will operate at a temperature between +15°C and +35 C° with a moisture content between 35% and 60%.
The device has rotary knife cutting without material removal, with cutting precision of ±1mm/m at high process speed (20m/min).
The cutting system is equipped with vision sensors for precise point cutting points on the moving profile. The haul-off group, with two independent track speed pairs, provides for pipe compacting where necessary. Haul-off and cutting units are operated by four independent brushless motors for maximum flexibility of the system.
The last generation operator panel allows the user to select production programs through preset job prescriptions. The advanced electronics of this new, versatile and compact machine makes it possible to control cycle times in order to optimize the production process at best. The machine is also distinguished by its quiet operation and energy saving features.

The other news and articles of this issue is also interesting in different views related to the plastics applications and the advancement of the Italian made machinery.

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Macplas Online Continues its Interesting News about Made in Italy
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