Increasing Disposables; increasing Life and Improving the Environment

Increasing Disposables; increasing Life and Improving the EnvironmentUpon completion of the arbitration, the papers received for the first international conference on “Disposable and Foam Products” (called as: BDP Iran 2017) were published by the Scientific and Technical Committee under the direction of Dr Soheil Samie and the role of the “Establishment of Communications” by a familiar face. Later, the timetable for this conference were sent to Media.

Based on this program, a total of 15 people will take 17 lectures to present the latest achievements of the disposable industry, and in particular the reality of “green polymers” (so-called by market manipulators as planted polymers).

The conference will also be the first time in Iran to introduce real materials with a natural base. The material, which was formulated and manufactured at the Austrian company “Chemiekas Research Unit” in collaboration with an Iranian Compounding Unit, will be unveiled for the first time in Iran and in the novels of the conference.

The organizer of the conference is the “IICIC” Company (Iranian Inc. for Contemporary International Conferences & Fairs), which has a reputation in Iran for holding conferences and gatherings such as “IPF”. The conference, which was approved with the approval of the Association of Iranian Disposable Producers (AIPOD), and its plans have been pursued with a specific target of two years ago, in partnership with the multilateral website of the Polymer Industry Media International , with a massive amount of advertisement volumes that made many non- Iran aware of this event.

Saatnia (the CEO of PIMI) had presented two papers for this conference, which one of the two would be released because of the considerable number of articles recieved and he preferred to present only the One: So referring to “the necessity of using consumables to conserve the environment”, he will only present a speech titling: Increasing the use of disposable tableware; increasing life and improving the environment; the title of one of the two controversial speeches of Dr. Ahmad Ali Saatnia at the conference. Based on the encoded paper received from the speaker, he has proven accurately that, with the development of the culture of using disposable tableware and the development of stylish and guest-friendly single use dishes, 100-150 liters of water, half a liter of dish washing liquid , 18 to 25 kilowatts of electricity will be saved in the country and will prevent the pollution of underground resources and the entry of chemicals into the soil. The link to the conference website for registration is:

The timetable file is for the readership and possibly their interest in attending this conference.


Increasing Disposables; increasing Life and Improving the Environment
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