1st Conference on Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas

1st Conference on Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas Leading oil companies around the world utilize Asset Integrity Management (AIM) methodology to ensure safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable production. This method of management minimizes unplanned shut-downs and enhances maintaining reservoirs, wells and facilities of the oil industry. Accidents such as the BP Deep Water Horizon blowout disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and its widespread social, financial and environmental consequences, highlights the need for deployment of AIM methodology in the oil and gas industry. The 1st Conference and Exhibition on Asset Integrity Management in the Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas, on one hand provides a unique opportunity for operators to express the needs, and on the other hand for consultants and service companies to offer solutions based on their knowledge, experience and technology. This two-day Conference will be held in Iran, on 25th and 26th of June, 2018. In the following sections, the objectives, scope, structure and program of the Conference are described.

Conference Objectives:

The objectives of the conference are as follows:
Setting the groundwork of a road map to implement the AIM System in the Iranian oil and gas industry
Reconciling all internal and external capabilities to promote safeguarding of national asset in the oil and gas industry
Identifying the best practices and edge of knowledge and technology in AIM
Providing backgrounds for identifying top engineering, service, supplier and contractor companies in the area of ​​AIM
Setting a methodology for organizing AIM in engineering, procurement, execution and commissioning of projects
Providing a methodology for organizing and managing preventive, periodic and emergency repairs according to the principles of AIM

Tecnichal subjects:

Policy, Planning and Implementation of Asset Integrity Management in Iranian Oil & gas
Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)
Life Extension of Physical Assets
Policy, Planning, Maintenance and Repair Strategies for Offshore Facilities (Surface and Subsurface)
Corrosion Control and Management
Inspection, Monitoring and Testing
Integrity Assessment
Procurement Management
Codes, Standards and Training



1st Conference on Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas

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