1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology

1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology
1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology

Najafabad – IRAN

Website: www.isn2016.iaun.ac.ir

E-mail: [email protected]

Dr.Seyed Mohammad Amir;

The head of the venue has published a notice on this occasion and said about t:

Welcome to the 1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology! The 2016 symposium in Isfahan will break attendance record and will bring about together the world’s best minds in nanotechnology to experience exceptional education and innovative research and take part in unlimited networking opportunities. I hope the symposium on nanotechnology will be just us spectacular. We are thrilled to be bringing the symposium to the Iran culture capital and hope you will join us to take part in top CME opportunities in your sub-specialty,discover and share the latest scientific research,and meet up with old friends or make new,lasting connections. I look forward to seeing you in beautiful Isfahan!

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1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology
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