Fourth Bandera PET Rigid Film Line to a South Korean Converter

 Fourth Bandera Rigid Film Line to a South Korean ConverterToday, Jan. 31st, No. 362 of the MacPlasOnline published like always with several readable titles. Our Editorial Team has chosen the following title from its Technology section:
This spring will see the take-off, at a major South-Korean converter, of a newly manufactured PET rigid film extrusion line by Bandera. This is the fourth line of this kind ordered by the Asian company in ten years, this demonstrating once again the ability of the Busto Arsizio-based manufacturer to maintain the customer loyalty thanks to a combination of top quality design, performances and reliability.

The line will be designed for a maximum output of 1200 kg/h in co-extrusion, for food packaging and technical applications. The line is highly versatile, based on a double twin-screw extruder and co-extruder composition, both equipped with innovative vacuum venting systems and high purification, superfiltration systems allowing the processing of recycled raw materials.

The solution is also provided with a flat die by Cloeren, a horizontal cooling and polishing roller stack with motorized cross-axis system for thin film processing, complete with an in-line film lamination system and a fully automatic, multi-reel, with no accumulator and with a special transversal cutting system.

The next other title from the same Media source is:

Fast job changeover for short runs

Telia FSC 2018 is the new flexo gearless press designed by Amut Bielloni Converting (an Amut Group business unit) for short runs and reduced job change downtimes. The new machine incorporates all the last developments of the Telia program:

– patented FSC system, one of the few in the world allowing less than 7 meters of web scrap when making a complete job change;

– FSC Kiss Contact system for the automatic pre-set of printing pressures with machine in idle mode;

– FSC Dry-Fast System for triple-zone drying, granting perfect drying in any condition, even within very small spaces;

– Biellowash 4.0 System for fully automatic double pump inking and washing, complete with ink flow and viscosity control.

The Telia FSC 2018 can be offered in 6, 8 or 10 color configurations with a net printing width from 650 mm to 1300 mm, and is now available in a 8 color version with a net print width of 800 or 1300 mm.

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Fourth Bandera PET Rigid Film Line to a South Korean Converter
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