3 Interesting News Topics from Macplas Including Contactless Recognition

3 Interesting News Topics from Macplas Including Contactless Recognition The issue number 388 of the macplasonline was published today with the 3 main stories at the technology section of this valueable media:

1- Contactless recognition

A new device recently developed by Gimatic in line with the Industry 4.0 principles is the RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) module for robot grippers. In addition to identifying precisely and without error the tool required, this device is even able to transfer data to the operator or directly to the robot.

The information related to process monitoring, transmitted on the web service, includes production batch, part lists, lead times and the number of cycles carried out for predictive maintenance. For this latter case, in particular, on reaching the preset number of cycles, the device emits a signal alerting the personnel in order to carry out the maintenance operation, thus avoiding unforeseen events that might affect the production process.

The system is mounted on the tool changer and consists of an RFID reader and a memory TAG. In addition, thanks to binary encoding via eight 24-Vdc digital outputs, it can distinguish up to 255 different tools. The company has also developed a free app that makes it possible to communicate with the RFID device via a smartphone or a tablet in order to control all gripper data quickly and intuitively without the use cable connections.

2- The 450-ton all-electric IMM comes to Europe

Several all-electric Roboshot injection moulding machines will be exhibit by Fanuc during Fakuma 2018. One of the main highlights is the new α-S450iA. Latest machine developments led to the 4500-kN clamping force IMM the market has been expecting for years. Furthermore, a production cell, incorporating a 100-ton Roboshot, will produce technical parts in engineering grade plastics under “Variotherm” mould process. The system literally works hand-in-hand with a six-axis Fanuc LR Mate robot and a CR-7iA robot for parts assembly and handling. Roboshot machines fulfil strict user requirements aimed at low energy consumption and flawless injection moulding quality, combined with stable repeatability and maximum process security.

In the so-called IOT corner Fanuc and TIG demonstrate Euromap 77 for plastics processing according to industry 4.0. Last, but not least, Robonano builds a bridge between injection moulding and mould manufacturing: the 5-axis CNC machining centre excels in ultraprecision five-axis machining in freeform surfaces with 0.1 nanometre command resolution. This machine tool demonstrates automated, predictable and repeatable optical-quality finishing of high-accuracy mould inserts.

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3- Mould changeover easier and safer

New quick mould change system just developed by Sipa for its ECS SP single-stage injection-stretch-blow moulding machines means changeover times can be slashed by around a quarter. New features also add extra safety and user-friendliness for operators, especially for some critical operations.

The Sipa ECS SP system is ideal for production of specialty products such as containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, and spirits, particularly (but not exclusively) in sizes between 20 and 50 ml. Two models are available: the ECS SP 50 with a 500-kN injection clamp force, and the 800-kN ECS SP 80.

Since introducing the range, Sipa has given it a thorough overall, making improvements to numerous aspects – preform injection, conditioning, blowing, the operator interface among them. It has also made it easier to mount moulds originally intended for other ISBM system. All this (and more) makes the ECS SP system especially very versatile, capable of producing all sorts of shapes within its chosen size range.

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3 Interesting News Topics from Macplas Including Contactless Recognition
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