How Refrigeration Industry Revolutionized by CFC-Free Insulating Foam?

How refrigeration industry revolutionized by CFC-free insulating foam?The 4th article from the “50 years Reaction Process Machinery” series of articles published by the “Krauss Maffei Group” notifies the readers that: “At the beginning of the 1990s, the first CFC-free insulating foam based on pentane revolutionises the production of refrigerators.” and the story continues as follow:

The research into ozone-damaging CFC from the mid-1970s and the subsequent discovery of the ozone hole at the start of the 1980s were decisive factors in launching the environmental protection movement, which in 1987 resulted in the Montreal Protocol and a worldwide ban on CFC, a substance used widely in industry that is very difficult to degrade. Industry reacted and stopped the use and production of CFC at the start of the 1990s. The search for alternative, environment-friendly blowing agents for PUR solid foams, which are also used for insulation in cooling units, began.

Soon after, the substance pentane was discovered for foaming agents. KraussMaffei works with its finger on the pulse of the times, and already in 1993 we presented the pentane premixing station “Pentamix”. In the mixing station, the blowing agent pentane is conveyed to the premixing container in the desired concentration, where it is mixed with polyol. The metering machine then automatically provides the day tank with the preconditioned PUR component – an innovation that reflects the pioneering spirit of KraussMaffei. For the past 50 years, KraussMaffei has been successfully working with reaction process machinery. Since 2002, the company has been concentrating the activities in the area of white goods under a single roof at KraussMaffei Italiana, whose foaming units are still used worldwide at leading refrigerator manufacturers.

Domestic or commercial refrigerators, freezers , blast chillers, refrigerated showcase or thermoboxes have all one thing in common: they need perfect insulation to guarantee quality and reduce energy costs. Our foaming equipment can handle all dimensions for cabinets and doors ensuring top quality foaming and dimensional stability.


 Various degrees of automation to meet every customer’s cycle time requirements
  • Long life components to make the investment highly profitable
  • Flexibility and versatility of the equipment
  • Dimensional stability for quality aspect of the products
  • In-house design for tailored solutions
  • Extensive expertise and know how based on long term experience
 Cabinet foaming fixtures for door up and door down foaming with automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Cabinet foaming lines up to 20 fixtures with complete handling system from pre-assembly line to final assembly line
  • Pre-heating ovens with various heating systems (electrical, natural gas, hot water)
  • Cabinet Loading/unloading shuttles with speed up to 150 m/min
  • Fully electric cabinet foaming fixtures with automatic adjustment of side walls as well as top wall
  • Cabinet foaming fixtures with zero changeover time
  • Door foaming equipment with drum and carousel or conveyor system, for open or closed mould foaming
  • Door foaming equipment with productivity up to 12 s./pc.
  • Advances control systems with production parameter monitoring and data record
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How Refrigeration Industry Revolutionized by CFC-Free Insulating Foam?
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