The First Stone Paper Unveiled at IranPlast by AMJ Co.

The First Stone Paper Unveiled at IranPlast by AMJ Co

Eng. Chavoshi, the inventor of the ASP (left) with the CEO of PIMI at introduction day of the Aco Stone Paper

The IranPlast exhibition closed after four days of operation today. As expected by the experts on this website, the show was very small this year, with few visitors. This was, of course, unlike the media advertisements of the executives of the exhibition and their expectations.

The total number of exhibitors dropped by about 50% compared to last year’s downtrend. Similarly, the number of visitors to this year’s event was also significantly reduced, and we could see this low profile without the need for surveys by observing the saloons.
One of the main reasons for the low profile of the exhibition was the devaluation of the national currency and the shadow of recent US sanctions on Iran. In other words, both the visitors and the exhibitors spent the exhibition days in complete uncertainty. That’s why the Polymer Media website refused to cover its full coverage.

The First Stone Paper Unveiled at IranPlast by AMJ Co

Despite this situation, it was possible to see some innovations from Iranian exhibitors. From the viewpoint of the reporters of this website, one of the most notable innovations was the production of “cellulose-less paper” by a manufacturer from the heart of the Iranian industry, Isfahan, which we are discussing it as the only notable exhibition news.

This new type of paper, which for the first time was introduced at the 12th IranPlast Exhibition, was built by Alborz Machine Jay Company. The trademark of this paper is also called as “ACO Stone Paper”
What matters more about the production of this paper is that the extrusion line for production of “ACO Stone Paper-ASP” has also been designed and manufactured by the same AMJ factories. This extruder has 6 mini extruders around that are used to feed the main cylinder.
ASP paper has been marketed to Iran after numerous experiments, especially printability, waterproofing, anti-insect and other tests. Important features of this paper are:
Anti-moisture, waterproof, economical, anti-insect, rust resistant, thin and subtle, safe and sanitizing and recyclable.
The PIMI Editorial team is proud to have been allowed to visit the production line about 7 months ago (please refer to this link). We are also proud to announce this news for the first time in Iran by the “PIM” media group to our homeland and other overseas readers.
There will be additional supplementary reports about AMJ and ASP in the future.

The folowing photos shows the situation of the exhibition.

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The First Stone Paper Unveiled at IranPlast by AMJ Co.
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