Styrolution Luran S wins prestigious Automotive Brand Contest 2018 Award

INEOSStyrolution Luran S wins prestigious Automotive Brand Contest 2018 Award Styrolution Luran® S wins prestigious “Automotive Brand contest 2018 Award”. It is:  Material of choice for front grills of cars around the world;  Ideal basis for the hot stamping technology allowing for aesthetic effects;  Weather resistance: state-of-the-art UV stabilisation.

INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announced today that its Luran® S material was recognised as a winner in the category “Future, Mobility & Parts” in the Automotive Brand Contest 2018. A formal announcement will be made at the “Mondial del’Automobile” in Paris on October 2, 2018.
Luran S is an ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) polymer. While the basic material was developed 50 years ago already, recent research has resulted in innovative Luran S materials that allow for outstanding product properties such as heat and chemical resistance, impact strength, colour fastness and dimensional stability. To strengthen its position as the benchmark styrenic polymer for weather resistance, today’s Luran S offers best-in-class UV stabilisation, delivering superior long-term performance when exposed to UV irradiation and heat, thus offering an exceptional solution for a range of exterior automotive applications.
In particular, Luran S has recently become the material of choice for newly designed front grills of cars around the world. The material has proven to be the ideal basis for the hot stamping technology that allows for aesthetic effects.

This technology can be considered a prime example of “Design4Recycling”, as it requires no further treatment of the application such as separate painting, thus contributing to sustainability and ultimately supporting a circular economy,.
In recognition of its superior performance, Luran S was recognised as a winner in the category “Future, Mobility & Parts” in the Automotive Brand Contest 2018, a high-profile international award by the German Design Council honouring the best automotive brand and design achievements.
In 2012, Luran S was approved by leading European automotive premium brands including Daimler, Opel and PSA (see INEOS Styrolution press release dated October 17, 2012). First iconic front grills in combination with hot stamping technology were developed soon afterwards.

“Luran S is over 50 years old, however, still a young material. A well-known global car manufacturer first developed unpainted front grills using Luran S, and it has been selected over the years for numerous other exterior parts such as mirror housings, trims and roof racks. By avoiding additional chemical treatments like painting or plating, we offer a sustainable, costsaving solution, as it is easier to recycle these parts now,” says Christophe Ginss, Sales
Director Automotive EMEA with global coordination role at INEOS Styrolution.

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Styrolution Luran S wins prestigious Automotive Brand Contest 2018 Award

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