CC300 on Display With New Feature at Fakuma 2018

CC300 on display with new feature at Fakuma 2018ENGEL has redefined the human-machine interface with its CC300. The control unit makes it even more efficient, user-friendly and safe to use injection moulding machines and integrated system solutions.

For its fifth anniversary, the ENGEL control unit will be showcased along with an upgraded control concept and new features at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 16th to 20th October. Tutorials, which play directly on the display, keep the machine operator up-to-date and highlight areas of potential for optimisation.

The increasing complexity of the production process poses increasingly tough challenges for control technology. The clearer and more intuitive the control unit, the more safely and efficiently the machines and production cells can be operated. For this reason, when it comes to the CC300 control unit’s ongoing improvement, ‘keep it simple’ is a key guiding principle for injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solutions provider ENGEL. The design and operating philosophy are the essential elements for truly intuitive operation without restricting the scope of the machine or system solution.

Development influenced by customer preferences

Many of the improvements and innovations are the result of specific customer requests, such as for an overview of all components and tasks to be presented on the home screen. Components like the injection unit and tasks like mould set-up are used particularly frequently as a starting point with the control unit. Thanks to the new arrangement on a shared page, the machine operator can now switch between tasks and components even faster. In the style of the CC200, the production and system settings pages can be opened from any page by swiping from the left or right edge of the screen, helping to smooth users’ transition from CC200 to CC300.

From the outset, smartphones have served as models for the development of the CC300’s user interface. This is clear to see once again from the latest improvements. For instance, favourites can be created and edited incredibly easily and quickly in the new release. They are shown at the top of the screen and are therefore always visible to the user.

In addition, breadcrumb navigation ensures even better orientation. Breadcrumb trails map out the entire navigation path, enabling the user to see at any time which level they have reached and to move in a targeted way to any other level. In addition, the Home and Back buttons are available as fixed page elements.

Machine and robot share operating logic

At ENGEL, further developments of the control unit always affect both the machine control panel and the robot’s hand-held unit. ENGEL offers highly integrated and automated manufacturing cells from a single source. To achieve a consistent look and feel, as well as consistent operating logic throughout the entire system, ENGEL has incorporated the RC300 robot control unit into the CC300 machine control unit. The new control unit version allows the system operator to apply filters to the production and system settings pages on the machine’s control panel to decide whether to display the machine and robot elements simultaneously or only display either machine or robot elements. This makes the overview even more comprehensive.

Quick lessons from the control unit display

At Fakuma 2018, ENGEL is taking another major step forwards in development by offering tutorials, which are directly available on the CC300 control unit, meaning that they can be taken straight from the workstation. The aim of these quick lessons is to support the system operator with unlocking the full potential of the injection moulding machines and systems solutions, without them needing to spend a great deal of time in training sessions or doing online research. The tutorials ensure that all employees in the factory are always brought up to the same level of knowledge.

As soon as a machine operator logs on to the machine, they are automatically notified, for example, if an update has been installed during their absence. In this case, they can turn to a tutorial to learn about the changes and new features in a highly efficient way. Users themselves can decide whether to start the tutorial immediately, watch any time later or not at all, in case they have already been briefed by other means.

The tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from guidance on new features to frequently asked questions like how to enhance quality or save time. The “Save Time” category includes tutorials like menu-guided mould set-up, while users can find information on the iQ weight control software under “Quality Improvement”.

Across a limited number of pages, the ENGEL tutorials contain many pictures and graphics, but only a small amount of text. Studies have shown that this is the fastest way to take in new information and the best method for keeping it memorised.

Visitors to the ENGEL stand at Fakuma can click through the tutorials live and learn even more about the CC300 control unit’s new features. Along with the control panels at the machinery exhibit, there will also be a dedicated Expert Corner to provide assistance. In addition, all the tutorials will be available to the users of ENGEL machines and systems solutions at any time and in any location via the ENGEL customer portal e-connect.

ENGEL at Fakuma 2018: hall A5, stand 5204


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CC300 on Display With New Feature at Fakuma 2018
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