23rd International Iran Oil Show Kicked-Off in Tehran

23rd International Iran Oil Show Kicked-Off in TehranThe 23rd International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition of Iran was inaugurated in Tehran attended by Iranian Minister of Petroleum “Bijan Namdar Zanganeh” on Sunday, and Over 1,053 domestic and 600 foreign companies from 37 countries are attending this 4 days event.

According to official news, more than 37 foreign countries including Azerbaijan, Austria, Spain, Germany, the UAE, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, China, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Croatia, South Korea, Poland, Netherlands, India, Finland, Hong Kong Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Monaco, Canada, Liechtenstein, Oman, Denmark, Taiwan, the US, Norway, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore are among the participants in the exhibition.

The exhibition is aimed at luring investors, exchanging the state-of-art technologies and introducing the companies which are active in the fields of oil exploration and production.

In his opening address to Iran Oil and Gas Show in Tehran, the Iranian Petroleum Minister said reasonable oil prices would “encourage producers to keep supply while it would prevent global markets from plunging into instability.”

The minister, however, said: “Of course, under the present circumstances, raised tensions have driven up oil prices.”

“The oil price should not be such that the oil market would regularly see fluctuation in prices,” said Zangeneh.

Zangeneh underlined the “apolitical” nature of oil, saying: “Politicizing the energy market through imposing financial, commercial and technological restrictions will harm major producers and consumers.”

He said that since the discovery of oil in Iran more than a century ago, the country has always protected “freedom in energy exchanges and security in global markets and its non-political nature.” He reiterated that politicized oil market would harm both producers and consumers.

“The energy market should be administered apolitically in order to avoid any disturbance in development, exchanges and cooperation,” said Zangeneh.

The minister also said that Iran’s diesel production would reach 77 million liters a day during the first quarter of the current calendar year which started on March 21st, up from 62 million liters registered in the previous calendar year. “This figure will reach 96 million liters a day by the end of the current [calendar] year,” he said.

The 23rd Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show-2018) opened in Tehran on Sunday at the city’s permanent international fairgrounds.

Exhibitors from 37 countries represented over 2,000 Iranian and foreign international companies at the showcase, which is touted as the largest annual convention in Iran’s petroleum industry.

The four-day exhibition is sponsored by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and its subsidiary the National Iranian Oil Company.

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23rd International Iran Oil Show Kicked-Off in Tehran

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