Oil, Gas and Petchem’s 21st Exhibition opened in Tehran

Oil, Gas and Petchem's 21st Exhibition opened in Tehran
Oil, Gas and Petchem’s 21st Exhibition opened in Tehran

Near 12 hours ago, on May 5th, 2016, the exhibition which  is the first international oil show in the post-sanctions era inaugurated here in Tehran’s permanent fairground and near 2,000 companies from Iran and 38 world countries attended at one of the greatest Oil Show in the Middle East.

The participating countries include Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Armenia, India, Italy, UAE, Austria, Malaysia, China, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Venezuela, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK, Azerbaijan, Norway, Brazil, Romania, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Switzerland, Monaco, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Bulgaria and the US (The US has attended the exhibition through its European agencies).

Some companies, including Germany’s Siemens and Russia’s Gazprom, were not attending Iran Oil Show in previous years due to sanctions imposed on Iran.

Iran’s success in nuclear talks with world powers that led to July deal (known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action- JCOPA) has prepared the ground for presence of the international companies in the country.


On the sideline of the “Oil Show” the Deputy Minister of Petroleum Roknoddin Javadi said reporters that: “The  number of foreign participants in the 21st International Exhibition of Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals has grown by 30 percent”

Javadi, who is also the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), said the exhibition has provided a suitable opportunity for acquaintance of Iranian and foreign parties with each other, giving way to further self-sufficiency in the oil industry and materialization of the Economy of Resistance.

He also included: “This year’s oil show is distinctive of the former ones in terms of the number and diversity of Iranian and foreign participants.”

He went on to say that number of foreign companies taking part in the exposition has grown by about 64 percent as some of the companies and countries are attending this year’s show for the first ever.

For the first ever, companies from Canada and Austria have come to put their products and services on display, said the Iranian NIOC top official, putting total number of the countries present at the venue at 40. The official said close to 1,000 Iranian and more than 850 foreign companies are present in this term of the exhibition.

The Exhibition is the 21st International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition of Iran (Iran Oil Show 2016).

Also as a media promotional activity 10 days ahead of the exhibition an interview disclosed more information on the event:

In an interview with media, Director of Iranian Oil Ministry’s Public Relations Department Akbar Ne’matollahi announced last Sat.:“Renowned international companies namely Gazprom, Lukoil, Sulzer, Lincoln Electric, and FUCHS are the definite participants of the oil show, while some Italian companies are conducting negotiations to confirm their presence in the show,” Ne’matollahi, who is also the head of policymaking council of oil ministry’s exhibitions, said. The official said that by the time, more than 900 Iranian companies and above 800 foreign ones have purchased their booths in the exhibition. The total number of participant companies will surpass 1,900 ones, he added. According to him, the companies come from 38 countries across the globe, including Germany, Ukraine, China, Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Canada, Venezuela, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, England, Azerbaijan, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Portugal, Indonesia, and Finland will participate in the event. Admitting that China, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Finland are among the countries that plan to set up their special pavilions in this show”

Release Date 6 May 2016

Oil, Gas and Petchem’s 21st Exhibition opened in Tehran

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