A Brief Analysis of the Polymer Product’s New Prices

A Brief Analysis of the Polymer Product's New PricesToday, on Sunday, October 22nd 2017, the “Petrochemical Dowmstream Industries Development” Office announced new base price prices for polymer products. The base rate of the US Dollar at the new prices is 40066 Rials 9 ONLY 64 Rls. less than free market price for US$).

The prices of basic polymer products were announced by the National Petrochemical Company, which showed increase in some commodities, and in others the rates were declined. Meanwhile, the highest increase was observed for HDPE products
with 540 Rials increase. After that, HDPE film grades with 386 Rials,and LDPE film grade with 361 Rls were the followers of HDPE in price increase. Then the HDPE for rotational moulding with 253 and the HDPE for injections with 243 Rials showed other increases in the base prices. The slightest increase was related to expanded polystyrene grades, which had a rising of 1 Rial only.
The largest decrease was observed in SBRs and PVCs, with a decrease of more than 2,089 Rls and 1,631 Rls, respectively. GP polystyrene also experienced a decrease of 797 rials to be the next in the row.
Other products, such as PET bottle grades and PE100 extrusion, were among the other high-end grades. Commodities, like textile and chemical polypropylene, also hit the dollar rate.
Dollar rate: US Dollar rate based on the discovery rate is 40066 Rials, which, compared to the 39920 Rials, had an increase of 146 Rials and equal to 0.4% point.

Comparison of prices for the base materials of polymer materials announced on October 22nd and 30th (Click on the actual size of the table to see it in real size):

A Brief Analysis of the Polymer Product’s New Prices

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