An Iranian Innovation for Water Softening will End Conventional Systems

An Iranian innovation for water softening will end Conventional SystemsA new substance made by the Iranian inventors and chemists is claiming  to be an end to the conventional systems of water softening. PIMI Portal has no experience on this substance and its solution but, feels it should be announced. This substance is named “MITREH” and you will read about it from the producing company below:

To introduce MITREH, a novelty substance, we prefer to shortly review the conventional methods, which most of industrialists know about it and some may have use it.  Most available techniques have different kinds of results, first because of the magnitude of scale problem and installation. and second, increasing. fixed and variable costs together with quality control expenses are so huge that always cause an indeterminable problem in most industries.
Now by inventing this new solution, and using it, we believe all the existing methods disappear in near future.

MITREH’s Application In Industry:
 Composite cycle stations
 Steam stations
 Petrochemical gas and oil industry
 Boilers
 Hospital autoclaves
 Chillers
 Cool houses
 Thermal exchangers
 Plastic manufacturing industry
 Domestic thermal industry
 Transportation usage
 Car cooling systems


An Iranian Innovation for Water Softening will End Conventional Systems
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