An Unexpected Success Afetr Two Years of PIMI Launch

An Unexpected Success Afetr Two Years of PIMI LaunchTwo years ago, on this night, Nov. 22nd 2015, in a civil protest against the National Petrochemical Company due to the ignorance of the rights of the owners of the plastics industry in Iran to provide the German side with the contract of representation of the “Iran Plast Exhibition”, I decided to say goodbye to the management of the “Plastics Industry Magazine”. A very hard decision for my own cultural creation.

That same night, in the presence of the two high profile govermental bodies (the deputies of the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance), I read a statement that was written the day before. The reading of this statement ended at 20:29, and then I announced that, of course, I would not remain unemployed and, to prove this, I asked the deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (Dr. Hossein Entezami) to press the “ENTER” button on my computer. This happened precisely at 20:30 (18:00 CET). Although it was late on the evening of November 22nd in Europe, but I had promised to friends in Europe that at 18:00, I would be able to start a new professional career by launching a new media: Polymer Industry Media International or PIMI!
That night, was the first night of the official launch of this international news and analysis website.

I doubted if that people would understand what was the meaning of that action and what was the meaning of the content of that statement. In the same way, though, even most of the Iranian machine manufacturing industry owners were informed that perhaps in revenge of my own actions, the NPC has denied to allocate the stand of PIM (Plastics Industry Magazine) at the last Iranplast exhibition only because of my name, but they just did not care about it. Although my civil protest was mainly due to the support of the machine manufacturers, but, such an ignorance didn’t embarrased me either. I decided to go on my new way, to say that none of these could stop me from working and making a new decision.
Now, on the eve of the first day of the third year of the launch of the PIMI Portal I see a great and an unexpected success on the basis of current figures, and statistics. The success which I did not expect at the outset. I knew that the force of love, faith, and belief always played their part well.
Tonight, at 20:30 on the first day of the the Iranain month (Azar; Nov. 22nd 2017) the statistics show that the “PIMI” website has achieved the following successes with its overseas collaborators and some Iranian industry owners. I owe to all of them and at the top to Mr. Claudio Celata, a three decades friend and my best volunteer advisor.

Worth to say that the story is mentioned at my first editorial in Englihs (Once Upon A Time, I Was Only A Converter, Now A Publisher) written on Nov. 21st 2015, these are the latest statistics now:

Daily average visitors: More than 10,000 (the peak has been more than 46.000 till now in a day);

Monthly average visitors: More than 460.000 (the peak has been more than 515.000);

Total visits since launching: 9.332.869 (20:32 this evening);

Total number of individual visitors: More than 329.000;

Total page views after 4 time of updatings: More than 256.500;

Total Country/ Visitors with more than 10 visitor count: 177 Countries starting with USA up to Papua New Guinea;

Top 10 Country/Visitors’ count since 22.11.2015: USA (99.847), China (34.089), Iran (19.364), Russian Federation (11.642), India (11.384), Germany (10.668), Canada (10.024), Ukrain (9.283), France (8.709), Brazil (7.278)

Such a great success is the result of a great team work with very loyal readers and viewers globaly. It is my own great happiness and pleasure to declare that I owe such a success to my own every single colleagues and readers, and share my happiness with all of them.

We will have a lot of new plans for the third year and hope you continue to be with us

A. A. Saatnia

The Founder and the CEO

22.11.2017, Teheran, Iran

Notice about statistics:

Of course, due to different statistical systems, which some of it don’t consider Iphones and Ipads views, and some only account for new IP’s so we have different statistical sources in order to our way correctly.




An Unexpected Success Afetr Two Years of PIMI Launch
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