Anti High-Energy Radiation Polymer Made by IPPI Iran

Anti High-Energy Radiation Polymer Made by IPPI Iran

According to a video-report broadcasted by the IRIB Chanell 6 (News Chanel), the researchers of the Iranian Polymer and Petrochemichal Institute (IPPI) have invented a new composite polymer which has special characteristics.

This new polymer, as claimed in the report, can replace lead coverings in some high radiation locations like MRI, CT Scan and so on.

The material introduced today by the IRNN chanel, is made of Polyethylene fibres made by metallic core. This IPPI invented polymer is a flexible material and compatible with environment, Maryam Afshar the inventor said today.

Also according to Dr. Jalil Morshedian, the supervisor of the project said that, this no named yet polymer can resist X-Rays and Gamma Rays and any high-energy fields with radiations. It is assumed that in near future some clothing fibres will be made by this polymer.

About IPPI
Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
A Centre of Excellence on Research and Education in Polymer Science and Technology

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI), established in 1986, has embarked the full mission to carry out research and education in polymer science and technology, as well as providing out-reach programs for Iran polymer industry. IPPI enjoys extensive facilities for synthesis, characterization, processing and fabrication of different classes of polymers and related products.
IPPI with more than 90 academic staff and 150 highly trained engineers work in four faculties and 14 research departments which include: Rubbers, Plastics, Composites, Polyurethane, Fibers and nano-polymers, Paints and Surface Coatings, Adhesives & Resin, Novel Drug Delivery System, Polymer Science, Polymeric Biomaterials, Process Modeling and Control, Polymerization Engineering, Polymerization Catalyst, Gas Conversion, Engineering Design and Construction and Petrochemical Synthesis.
Laboratories for spectroscopic analysis (IR, NMR and UV), thermal behavior, physical and mechanical properties evaluation, environmental stability evaluation, paint and coatings property evaluation, X-ray diffraction, optical and electronic microscopies, rheology, chromatography and in-vivo/in-vitro tests are some of representative centers for property evaluation of polymeric materials. Different laboratory glassware and several reactors made from special materials with different capacity and accessories are some of equipments for synthesis of monomers and polymers. Plastic, rubber and composite workshops that are fully equipped with related processing instruments are other facilities provided in IPPI for fabrication of polymers.
IPPI today is a widely recognized independent research institute affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran that specializes in bringing together industrial needs and academic capabilities in a world-class pre-competitive research programme. The long-term strategies of IPPI are including:

* Innovation in polymer science and technology
* Meeting the needs of polymer industry
* Participation in global knowledge production
* Commercialization the results of research projects in the field of polymer science and technology

Anti High-Energy Radiation Polymer Made by IPPI Iran

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