Call for Papers for the First International ConfEx on Disposables and Biopolymers in Iran

Call for Papers for the First International ConfEx on Disposables and Biopolymers in Iran

Call for Papers for the First International ConfEx on Disposables and Biopolymers in Iran: Although after Mr. Trump’s storm which hesitated many businesses to work with Iran, the others did and are doing their business with Iran and nothing has happened, now some European and even Asian and Iranian businesses are in another holdup for the results of the next Iranian President’s elections. We know and are sure that, this is another detriment for these groups again as the country’s total policy is to go ahead and create jobs for millions, and organizing the “BDPIran Conference – production & technology” has been one of the important cases that we can foresee it as a solution.

Why “BDPIran 2017”?

To fulfill the country’s needs for job creation, entering in new untouched areas and cases is a wise and a must for those who expect to be the winners of their investments.

Production of hygienic disposable products, specially those that are going to be used in the medical services, surgery theaters, implantation, wounds healing, etc. that are composed of hundreds of disposable plastics goods and devices, together with healthy and clean (and not necessarily hygienic) different dishware are the two sectors that are very important for investment in Iran.

Of course, the above is the least and not the last. The disposable industry in Iran is (by itself) a vast and diversified industry which needs to be renovated, refurbished, renewed and is obliged to do investment for new technologies and new know-how. There are many factories that are ready to do it but they don’t have enough knowledge about the international available industries. So, this is the 2nd reason for organization of this conference.

The other important subject which involves the global interests is the subject of “BIO” which has been driven to a wrong and dangerous track by some traders. If Iran would be one of the places that may harm the environment, it is the international community that should pay for its damages. This is, unfortunately, happening in Iran due to lack of knowledge as well as importing of fraudulent materials.

These main factors plus several other reasons made it necessary for responsible people, including the management board of the “AIPOD” (The Association of the Iranian Producers of Disposables) to arrange and organize such a conference by one of the top Iranian conference organizers: “IICIC” (Iranian Incorporation for Contemporary International Conferences and Fairs).

The Advantages:

Because of the present needs and situations in these industries in Iran, all participants of the Conference will have a great chance to enter many B2B discussions with the Iranian buyers and dealers. Apart from this due to the results of “JCOPA” (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions) and a huge Iranian wealth and funds kept outside Iran, it seems that should only be delivered through purchasing goods from companies outside Iran. The best reason for such a guess is that the Iranian Industry, Mine and Trade Ministry has declared that the Ministry is ready to finance 100% of the price of the importing industrial machinery from Europe.

Call for Papers

All individuals and companies active in the fields of conference topics are invited to submit their papers and best practices. For submitting your paper, login to your account via conference home page.

The abstracts will be checked and judged by a Committee under supervision of Dr. Soheil Samie (an Iranian Scientist residing in Austria and the CEO of Chemiekas Co.) and then the sender would be advised of the acceptance of her paper.

If anybody is interested to have direct contact with him, he/she, can communicate directly with him via: [email protected]

 Important dates:

  1.  Abstract submission deadline: 23 May 2017
  2. Notification of paper acceptance: 31 May 2017
  3. Full paper due: 29 June 2017

All Other Info:

The interested individuals and companies can find several articles about this Conference on this website.

Call for Papers for the First International ConfEx on Disposables and Biopolymers in Iran
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