Complains Increases and Voices Louder by Iran Polymers Price Increase

Complains Increases and Voices Louder by Iran Polymers Price IncreaseToday , when the top associations’ managers were gathered in an open to media meeting at the Association of PE Pipes & Fittings in central Teheran, to protest all the Iranian petrochemical system for weekly raising of polymer prices, at the north part of the snow melted city, the PDID office of NPC was thinking about another increase in the polymer prices.

This week, by calculating the base price of US$ value (making it famouse as Discovery Price) at Rials 45.392 (102 Rls. more than last week) once again the prices were increased without thinking about the future of the converting industries.

At the central Teheran, when the participants of the meeting received the new increased prices on the social media, the meeting started to boil. Managers which usually are trying to be quiet with respect to the Government decisions suddenly started to shout and critisize the petrochemical companies, the NPC managers and finally spoke about the toghest possible actions. We prefer do not report more than this.

After the announcement of the new prices, it was shown that the styrinic polymers have suffered much higher price increases, and HIPS being the leader. According to these new prices, HIPS and GPS with an increase of Rials 3754 and 3305 respectively will be offered at the base offering prices of  72.738 and 69.731 Rls. at the IME hall from tomorrow.

Extrusion type of HDPE (PE100), Injection PP and PP for textile industry with respective price increases of Rials 2543, 2540 and 2525 will be offered at least prices of 61.954, 58.654 and 51.315 Rls. respectively. At the same time diverse types of the PVC grades suffered an increase of 1162 Rls., after film grade of HDPE by 2216 Rls, and blowing HDPE with Rials 2407. The HDPE grades for injection and rotational processing, though, suffered the least price increase by 225 and 235 Rls.

PIM, PIME and the telegram chanells of these media had warned the industry that if they don’t act on time they have to think about a near future collapse.

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Complains Increases and Voices Louder by Iran Polymers Price Increase
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