Concern Over Plastics Disposal a Great Opportunity at IRANPLAST

Concern Over Plastics Disposal a Great Opportunity at IRANPLASTMore than 30 years ago the PIM (Plastics Industry Magazine) warned about plastics wastes. At a niche time the same media organized the first seminar on “recycling” with the cooperation of the Italian Association of ASSOCOMAPLAST (now changed name to AMAPLAST) directed by Mr. Claudio Celata and tried to show the exact problem to the officials. No one (almost) care about it, but now the problem is showing its very bad face to every Iranian citizens.

The existing and overlapping municipality  delinquent, is now a great opportunity for some exhibitors of IranPlast exhibition taking part on Sept. 24-27, 2017. This opportunity really exists for those non-Iranian companies that could have something to say in recycling, upcycling having med-tech for job creation as well.

The case could be foreseen because, according to deputy minister of interior, Houshang Khandan-Del, every day, about 50,000 tons of waste is produced across the country while traditional and unsanitary methods are used for disposing 75% of the amount.

The mountains of trash is either piled up or buried in unacceptable ways in landfills. “The waste’s untreated leakes can pollute the groundwater,” he said. He also urged the elected city councilors to develop workable plans to solve the problem as it “poses serious risk” to people’s health.

Incineration is a waste treatment process which converts waste into ash, flue gas and heat. Incinerators can reduce the solid mass of the original waste by 80 to 85%. Currently the method is used for treatment of only 2.6% of all waste that is produced in Tehran.

In the same regard, an Iranian news daily focused to an event happend a couple of month ago and reported:

campaign themed ‘No to disposing waste in nature’, which has been welcomed by nature lovers, has been launched by IRNA.

The campaign seeks to reduce waste materials from nature as well as tourist sites.

Athletes, artists, researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and administrative bodies have embraced the movement and declared their willingness to join the campaign.

Disposing leftover food, plastics and disposable containers is one of major problems faced in the ecotourism sector.

Therefore, the campaign intends to rectify public attitude to the problem and inculcate the culture of not disposing waste in nature.

Despite steps taken by environmental organizations and NGOs, we are witnessing growing disposal of waste in natural and tourist regions such as forests, sea coasts, rivers and parks. Apart from inflicting irreparable damages to the nature, it has endangered our health.

Department of the Environment (DoE) in a statement urged people to join public campaigns ‘Clean Nature’ and ‘No to Garbage’ ― which have been designed  to prevent garbage disposal in nature and collecting waste from nature ― and preserve the environment.

Tourists and ecotourists should take garbage bags along and deliver their wastes at stations designated for the purpose. They should not dispose wastes in the forests, sea coast, near springs, as well as in valleys and mountainous regions.

They should protect trees and bushes.

Also Director General of Mazandaran Department of the Environment Hosseinali Ebrahimi praised IRNA for launching the campaign.

He said this would increase public awareness and create social movements for preserving the environment.

Ebrahimi further said membership of artists and athletes as social models in this campaign would help draw public attention to preserving the environment.

Close to 3,000 tons of garbage are produced in Mazandaran Province daily. The disposal of waste underground is one of major problems encountered by the people and provincial officials.

In addition, Director General of Kohgilouyeh-Boyer Ahmad Department of the Environment Assadollah Hashemi said the campaign ‘No to Disposing Waste in Nature’ manifests a nature-loving culture.

Concern Over Plastics Disposal a Great Opportunity at IRANPLAST
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