Croatia Supports Banking Brokerage Relations with Iran

Croatia supports banking brokerage relations with IranVisiting Croatian Economy Minister Martina Dalić said on Sunday that despite disorders in the way of banking relations between Iran and Croatia, the two countries can persuade their banks to begin brokerage relations.

Dalić made the remarks during a meeting with Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif. She said that banking and financial restrictions are the main obstacles in the way of economic interactions between the two countries that need to be resolved as soon as possible.

As the Croatian companies are beginning to have trade interactions with Iran, banking relations between the two nations need to be facilitated, Dalić said. The CBI governor, for his part, said that expansion of banking relations is a prerequisite to having broad economic and trade relations and therefore the two countries have to remove the obstacles.

Voicing Iran’s readiness to further promote banking relations within the framework of international regulations, Seif underlined that the lack of adequate banking relations will lead to losing the opportunities.

At another meeting in Tehran with Iranian Vice-President and Head of the Plan and Budget Organization Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht,  Dalić made other remarks about the two countries’ financial relations.

Central Bank of Croatia believes that the country has no problem for boosting economic ties with Iran, the minister said, expressing hope that the major European banks would help the financial interactions between the two countries.

Dalić called for promotion of cooperation between Iran and Croatia in different sectors, including energy, technical and engineering services, food products, pharmaceuticals and constructional projects.

With the pursuit of Iran’s embassy in Croatia, the national oil companies of the two countries have engaged in talks for beginning joint cooperation and the ground has been prepared for exports of Croatia’s food products to Iran, Dalić said.

The Iranian vice-president, for his part, said that the Iranian government is determined to expand relations with Croatia. Nobakht pledged on behalf of the Iranian government to make every effort to remove the obstacles on the economic relations between both the state-owned and private sectors of the two countries.


Croatia Supports Banking Brokerage Relations with Iran
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