Donald Trump’s Big Mistake Pushed into rock and USDollar Fell-Down

Donald Trump's Big Mistake Pushed into rock and USDollar Fell-DownDonald Trump” mistake: While in recent days, the Iranian foreign exchange market was waiting for Donald Trump’s final quote on Friday October 13th, and was extremely inflamed and swollen, after His remarks and Iran’s presidential response to the US President’s remarks, since morning the Iranian market, began calmly, and the price of currency in the free market was on a downward spiral.

According to a report by a fellow journalist and economical analyst at the plastics industry’s media group (PIM): “The foreign exchange market, which has been waiting for American president’s decisions on Iran over the past days, has seen a lot of turmoil, with the entry of the central bank and the distribution of foreign exchange. Foreign exchange market participants, who closely monitored the dollar’s record in the market, said the situation would continue until the announcement of the final decision of Trump on Iran and progress, and it is likely again that prices will fluctuate ascending.
But, apart from the unspent statements of Donald Trump, a big mistake on his part, he blamed all his aspirations, and the Iranian nation once again united under the “Persian Gulf flag” and bombarding millions of its social pages, They showed that the Iranian nation always defends its land and its historical names.

Last night, Tramp declared his position on Iran and “JCOPA”, and the outcome of the rejection of the rapid reaction of the President of our country. But the result of these lectures on the domestic market, especially the capital market and currency and coins, was nothing but peace! As the stock market grew 519 units today, without paying attention to last night’s words of Donald Trump!

Some also predicted that the dollar could hit highs after announcing Tramp’s position on Iran. Of course, the government has previously said it opposes a rise in dollar rates and record rates of $ 5,000.

The economic analyst told the “plastic industry media group”: “Iran’s markets usually feed the news and its results, and if market predictions are what’s happening, then the market will not really affect much after the incident or news comes. The US president’s position on the run was that market predictions were almost the same as last weekend.

According to Nazemi (PIM Group’s economical analyst) , since last week’s talks did not change the past situation in Iran, and the central bank has also entered the game of the foreign exchange market since late last week, and the market seems to have responded a lot to the words of Trump, so the exchange rate will soon be slightly reduced.

Nazemi believes that; The recent increase in the exchange rate should take place from today, but with the supply of news, it is actually doing its job market and should now return to normal.

According to the same report, on Wednesday, the Central Bank, having entered the market and distributing the dollar at a rate of Rials 40080 between selected exchanges, tried to stabilize prices again and the currency market would calm down. Of course, the routine of distributing currency through exchanges led to the formation of market queues. However, the central bank’s policy seems to have responded this time, triggering a downward trend in prices on the market.

Today, the capital’s currency depreciates US $ to 40160 Rls. Also, the selling rate of each Euro in the exchange of currencies today was dropping to 47580 Rials.
In this way, the thriller was released from the ark of the president of the United States, and once again, the Iranian nation became united and sympathetic because of the Arabian Gulf reading of the Persian Gulf.

The next image shows the fluctuation chart of the US$ in March 21st 2016- March 20th 2017.

Donald Trump's Big Mistake Pushed into rock and USDollar Fell-Down

Donald Trump’s Big Mistake Pushed into rock and USDollar Fell-Down
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