Engineering Innovation And Technology Development

International Congress on Engineering Innovation And Technology Development

International Congress on Engineering Innovation And Technology Development

International Congress on Engineering Innovation And Technology Development

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According to clause 7-3 of development plan law based on effective connection of universities and research centers with industry and related society sectors, upon patronage of the Almighty and regarding the spirituality of Supreme leader for national production and supporting Iranian work and capital, the practitioners of this conference were persuaded for taking action to hold this conference in international level having considered the important role of innovation in engineering sciences and its effect on promoting the technology and sustainable development so that it can establish the ground for providing latest research and technology achievements in the areas related to engineering sciences, manifesting the higher role and importance of research in solving the problems of Iran’s industry and providing necessary ground for effective connection of university with industry and government.

The innovation is the progress factor in developed countries and regret factor in developing countries. Nowadays, technology plays main role in improving the human life. Technology is considered as endogenous and based on internal research and development activities and as exogenous and with external origin and it required managing on the profess of transfer and development. In this regard, the different areas of technology management like technology prediction (phase zero studies), technology selection, technology transfer (reserve engineering) technology endogenous development (research and development) technology exporting, technology exploitation and economics and partnership capability in establishing value-added and promoting the efficiency of research and development units, technology and production takes special attention.

Considering deep and growing gap among developing countries and advanced industrial countries due to technological innovation and the risk of falling behind the caravan of science and technology has no rescue except promoting the technology level, developing human resources, producing required technical knowledge and information and optimal use of them for strengthening and competitive advantage in global market for these countries.

For many years, the connection between industry and university faces with serious challenges and these two structures could not have dynamic connection along each other’s goals, out universities has good position regarding the scientific growth and educational quality and mostly they are in knowledge borders which can be considered as an advantage for industry and driving force of industry while issues such as non-confidence of industry for investing in university, lack of organs which connects these two structures and likewise make challenges for these two organs.

Developments in knowledge-based economics cause ever-increasing growth of globalization phenomena and information society. Along these developments, two categories of asset and effectiveness are being considered and persuade the directors to change their role from governing and control to trainer. Upon development of technology, the innovation necessary is raised and contrary to past when the most value assets were production tools, nowadays the efficient, knowledgeable and value employees are considered as main capital since intelligent development of engineers make the main basis of innovation.

As plants, machinery, houses and other material capital are considered part of nation wealth, human capital are part of this wealth and special attention to their different physical and mental dimensions manifest the talent and intelligence and strengthen the work incentive such that they can do the modern researches having used all their capability and certainly transferring such ideas and researches to technology requires the connection between science and industry which shall be executed in macro level of planning and special incentive rules for its fulfillment.

Quick developments in technology progress and its effects on all economic areas including constructions, productive industries and on the other hand progress of computer systems condemn the societies who do not have coordination capability to backwardness and regret.

So the necessity of progressing the human communities is the struggle in establishing intelligent information systems, introducing modern technologies and new and flexible production mechanisms which consider expenses as part of goal and simultaneously changing the engineering behavior and view to using environmental-friendly technologies and promoting correct consumption pattern and preventing the use of environmental pollutant goods and clean production operations.

In our country, several researchers has been done by professors and students and multiplicity of published and indexed papers are the reason of talent and interest in establishing innovation, while due to the connection between science and industry and implementing the researches and studies, remarkable distance is obvious and since innovation in engineering and technology development will lead seriously and in deed to sustainable development, so it requires that the authorities arrange special supporting plans and exert it at least in universities and scientific and research centers upon establishing systematic and continuous connection between industry and science from transferring knowledge to technology. The motto of this conference is “innovation and technology development toward sustainable development” and is an opportunity for gathering the experts, professionals and pundits about architecture, structure and urban development. Holding this conference, provides the possibility of exchanging ideas and a scientific relation with state and global universities and specialty centers about common concepts of modern technologies, technology development and other related issues with conference topics. Accordingly the secretariat of first international conference on innovation in engineering and technology development proudly invites all professionals, experts, university students, researchers and scientists of industrial, research and scientific centers to participate in various programs of this international conference and by presenting their last scientific and administrative achievements provide the opportunity to gain the above mentioned objectives.

International Congress on Engineering Innovation & Technology Development- ICEI 2016 (13 May 2016)
International Congress on Engineering Innovation & Technology Development- ICEI 2016 (13 May 2016)



  • Management in engineering modern innovations

  • Software and hardware design in all engineering majors

  • Producing and promoting technology in all engineering majors

  • Automation and robotics in all engineering majors

  • power and Electrical engineering

  • Computer engineering

  • Mechanical and Mechatronics

  • Industrial engineering and industrial management

  • Mining engineering

  • Civil engineering

  • Architecture engineering

  • Urban engineering

  • Metallurgical engineering

  • Agricultural engineering

  • Chemical engineering

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical engineering

  • Renewable energy

  • Textile engineering

  • Food industrial engineering



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Tel: +98 41 33379929

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International Congress on Engineering Innovation & Technology Development- ICEI 2016 (13 May 2016)
International Congress on Engineering Innovation & Technology Development- ICEI 2016 (13 May 2016)


Release Date 13 May 2016

Engineering Innovation And Technology Development
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