Europeans Should be Prepared for Machinery Communications

Europeans Should be Prepared for Machinery CommunicationsThis is the correction of our “news published on Feb. 25th. 2017

An advisable comment received from our top adviser (Mr. Claudio Celata) made it mandatory for us to add his correction warning here below. He wrote:

I wish to remark that the “ Plastics Processing Machines’ Communications“ are not only studied by Germans, because EUROMAP is representing – if I remember well – 6 European countries plus Turkey …

We apoogise for a non-intentional mistake, may be due to receiving the PR from VDMA.

According to a final press release issued by the Iranian represe9ntative office of VDMA of Germany, the final document no. 82.1 of the EUROMAP is released for publication. The document is describing communication between injection moulding machinery and their temprature controls.

Based on the source’s previous announcement:

EUROMAP 82.1 describes the interface between injection moulding machines (IMM) and temperature control devices (TDC) for data exchange. The target of EUROMAP 82.1 is to provide a unique interface for IMM and TCD from different manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

EUROMAP 82.1 is based on OPC UA which is developed by the OPC Foundation.

Important: This is not the final version and the contents may change before release! It is planned to publish the final version in 2018.

Please note: Basis for all EUROMAP OPC UA specification is EUROMAP 83 with the definition of common types. Some extensions of EUROMAP 83 are proposed together with EUROMAP 82.1 (see Annex of PDF-file). This is why model files for a new EUROMAP 83 with additional types are included in the file list below.

Contact: Dr. Harald Weber, [email protected]

Now, Read through the PR:

Injection moulding machines are integrated in vertical and horizontal IT communication structures for data exchange. For the vertical communication to central computers/ manufacturing execution systems (MES), EUROMAP 77 has been published as second Release Candidate in September 2017. The final version is planned for April 2018.

For the horizontal network to peripheral devices along the process chain, EUROMAP 82 is under development with several parts for the different devices. As first part, EUROMAP 82.1 for the data exchange between injection moulding machines and temperature control devices has now been published as Release Candidate and with this presented to all interested parties. Further information is provided on the EUROMAP website under

Since we have not received direct permission, For document PDF, please “CLICK HERE

Press contact:

Harald Weber
EUROMAP Technical Commission

VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery
Phone: +49 69 6603-1833

[email protected]

For document PDF, please “CLICK HERE”

About VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery

More than 200 companies are members of the association, covering more than 90 percent of the branch production in Germany. Ten percent of our member companies come from Austria, Switzerland and France. The German member companies represent sales of EUR 7 billion in core machine engineering and EUR 10 billion including peripheral technology. Every fourth plastic machine produced in the world comes from Germany; the export rate is 70 percent. Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Member of the Management Board of the Reifenhäuser Group, is the chairman of the association.

Europeans Should be Prepared for Machinery Communications
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