Food Delivery is Safer with Sealable “Seal-2-Go Bags”

Food Delivery is Safer with Sealable "Seal-2-Go Bags"The human needs are the mother of innovations. When it goes to the eating part of the life, the story changes dramatically, as everybody knows that, as fast as finding everyday life, the variety of so-called “fast food” meals increases and their services expand simultaneously.

However, one of the problems and challenges of restaurants that send food to the workplace or the clients’ homes is the potential to plunge into food packets.
This issue is also sometimes important for customers as they also try to ensure safe delivery of food to their work or home and then rely on such restaurants.
This problem has recently been solved by the vice president of an ETA delivery company in Chicago. The solution, created by Mr. Tan, is the design of a special plastic bag for fast food delivery that has its own characteristics.
These bags have a very powerful adhesive that when the restaurant places the foods inside the bag can peel out the coating of the adhesive and so the two sides of the head of the bag are so tightly bonded that the removal of it is really difficult, and certainly it keeps track of itself. In addition, if anyone can try to get it out of order before delivery of a packet of food, it certainly remains a trace of destruction.
Mr. Tan says that due to my profession I had been thinking about this for many years, and I guessed that a driver who goes for a packet of food might be hungry and try to have a couple of the fried potatoes out of the package. Or at all, the package may be overthrown and the driver wants to bring the food back into the package without hygiene.
In any case, the production and design of these packages are highly appreciated by the people of that area, as well as by the fast food sellers and customers.

The plastic packaging maker already was producing a variety of bags for the restaurant market, but the growing popularity of food delivery services created a need for an additional approach in that segment, Tan said.

Operations like UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub are building businesses based on the idea that people want more types of food delivered to them.

“We created this in response to that. There’s a lot of Americans that use this service now, especially millennials, and they use it religiously,” Tan said.

“The problem is when the delivery driver picks up the food and delivers it to the customer, a lot can happen. There’s no tamper evidence,” he said, with traditional carryout bags.

“Maybe the driver is hungry,” Tan said, and “picks a couple of fries.” Or maybe a bag falls on its side and food tumbles out.

So Tan set out to develop a sealable, tamper-evident bag that’s still consumer friendly. Seal-2-Go features an adhesive strip that allows restaurants to seal the top of the bag before it goes out for delivery. Side vent holes allow steam to escape while still securing the contents. Once customers receive their orders, they simply tear the top off the bag at the perforation, located below the seal, to access their food.

 The adhesive is so strong that the bag will show stress marks that will indicate to consumers that someone was trying to access their food prior to delivery.

Pan Pacific, which was a finalist for the Plastics Caps & Closures Innovation Award, has designed bags for both food and drink delivery. Tan spoke at the recent Plastics Caps & Closures 2017 conference.

Food Delivery is Safer with Sealable “Seal-2-Go Bags”
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