POLIFILM: Former Folag Production Company Purchased in Vietnam

POLIFILM: Former Folag production company purchased in Vietnam / Plans for future extension

In a retroactive deal effective January 2016, film producer Polifilm Extrusion (Cologne / Germany; www.polifilm.com) has acquired the Vietnamese plant of insolvent film and packaging manufacturer Folag (Sempach / Switzerland; www.folag.com) €” for most recent coverage, see Plasteurope.com of 13.10.2015.

Former Folag Production Company Purchased in Vietnam
Sheet production at Folag in Vietnam (Photo: Folag)

In the past the Folag subsidiary operated six older lines for blown film extrusion with the relevant further processing units. The capacity is unknown.

Polifilm is a leading German sheet producer with around 1,500 employees worldwide. The machine fleet comprises more than 70 extrusion lines for PE film manufacturing. Its portfolio consists of mono and coextruded films with a thickness ranging from 12 to 400 µ and with a width of up to 18 m. The company mainly processes LLDPE, but also MDPE for a range of applications, including food, non-food, hygiene, agriculture, construction and industry. Its total throughput was about 260,815 t at the most recent figures.

Earlier this year Polifilm took over its smaller competitor WMS-Folien ” see Plasteurope.com of 22.04.2016 €” which has been renamed Polifilm Loope and integrated into its packaging films division.

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POLIFILM: Former Folag Production Company Purchased in Vietnam
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