French Companies More Active in Next Iranplast Exhibition

French Companies More Active in Next Iranplast Exhibition

French Companies More Active in Next Iranplast ExhibitionToday, Wed. Sept. 27, 2017, the market for interviews and dialogues was very active in the various halls the 11th IranPlast Exhibition. The journalists present at the exhibition also excited this enthusiasm and talked more with foreigners. One of these interviews with the chairman of the French Rubber and Plastics Union, along with the comments of the Italian AMAPLAST Association (previously ASSOCOMAPLAST) are below.

I do my best for the next (French Businessman)

French Companies More Active in Next Iranplast Exhibition

Speaking to PIMI’s reporter, Denis VAILLANT, the President of the French Rubber and Plastics Union (UCAPLAST), spoke at the last day of the 11th exhibition of IranPlast, pointing to the high quality of the international event, said: “The area of the French Pavilion was smaller than expected, and I, as chairman of the French Plastics Association will work hard to make French companies more attractive in the next few years.”

Pointing to the MOU signed between the UCAPLAST and the IPPI of Iran at the 3rd day of the exhibition, He added: “Unfortunately, the sanctions imposed on Iran in recent years have, to a certain extent, limited the access to your country”. But, he continued “we hope that with the new memorandum, a suitable platform for the exchange of technical knowledge between Iranian and the European companies will be provided.”

Vayllant noted that rich resources, skilled work force and relatively cheap labor are one of the main attractions of the Iranian market for France. Iran, on the other hand, is one of the most important producers of petrochemical raw materials in the world, which creates a lot of potential for cooperation between the two countries.”

Not as good as past, but it was satisfactory for this period (Italian managing director of AMAPAST)

In another very short interview, Mr. Mario Maggiani, the managing director of AMAPLAST who was presenting its new name, logo and all the way changes in appearance of this very old Italian association for the first time (at least in Iran), said to the PIMI that: “The exhibition is not good as it was in the last period, but as I understand the situation and the start of a new era in your country, it was at least satisfaction for us.” He added then: “We had good meetings with Iranians interested in our market and made several discussions with others interested to visit PLAST 2018”

Mario Maggiani has already received a proposal from the head of the PDID office at NPC. According to the proposal, Iranian can help the Italian association to have an after sales service centre in Iran in order to support Iraq and Syria for expansion and of these countries’ plastics and rubber industries. Saatnia told to our reporters, when returning back from a joint meeting with Mr. Maggiani of AMAPLAST and Mr. Mohtashamipour of PDID office.

The latter is very keen to expand a control centre here in Iran and also to help for training of the present Iraqi and Syrian students studying in Iran in technical and polymer courses via AMAPLAST.

Finally, he pointed that, I am surprised that why the date of the next Iranplast is not announced?

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French Companies More Active in Next Iranplast Exhibition
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