Germany Hopes Doubling its Plastics/Rubber Machinery Exports to Iran

Germany Hopes Doubling its Plastics/Rubber Machinery Exports to Iran“We do not agree with that part of Donald Trump’s speech at the UN general assembly and we want to continue our trade relations with Iran”. This was the core of general and technical speech of Mr. Thorsten Kühmann, the managing director of VDMA (the association of plastics and rubber machinery)of Germany, at the Almas conference room of Parsian Azadi Hotel here in Tehran.

The press conference organized for an introduction about the German companies that attended to the 11th edition of the international Iranplast exhibition by Thorsten Kühmann. In his short speech he pointed about the history of Iran-o-German cooperation in 120 years, and insisted on the necessity of expansion of this cooperation at this after JCOPA period.

Presenting analysed figures and tables, he pointed: “At the first half of 2017, German companies exported 22.9 millions Euro worth of rubber and plastics machinery to Iran, whereas, in the first six months of last year, when sanctions were cut down against Iran, the total was 9.3 millions Euro.”


Kühmann then added: ” China’s exports to Iran show that the market is expanding and improving because in 2016 it could export 149 millions Euro of all types of rubber and plastics machinery to Iran, which showed an annual increase of 15.2%. China is at the top ranking of the supplying countries of this type of goods needed by Iran, and Germany managed to maintain its second position with a 14.1 percent growth and 20 millions Euro exports in 2016.”

Director of the Association of German Rubber and Plastics Machinery Manufacturers continued: “Free market forecasts also show more growth. Nevertheless, we know the problems ahead. In the current situation, the market is expected to slowly but surely develop, and German rubber and plastics manufacturers are looking forward to the future.”, He also continued: “Free market forecasts also show more growth., however, we know the problems ahead.”

The VDMA managing director said: “Through reducing sanctions and opening more gates, the Iranian business has a significant role in increasing the amount of current foreign trade, but it seems that the political situation has remained with difficulties and with insufficient financial resources.” Kühman added that: “with all these issues, manufacturers of German rubber and plastics machines have a positive viewpoint for participating in the Iranplast exhibition for several reasons.” He announced that 46 German companies will present their innovative products and services in IranPlast International Rubber & Plastic Trade Fair, which will be held tomorrow”

After Mr. Thorsten Kühmann’s presentation, Mrs. Inna Vettkötter, one of the VDMA managers attended also to Iranplast, continued the conference by speaking about the sustainable products which was the more technical part of the conference. This part was also continued in short presentation about the “Circular Economy in Plastics Industry” that covers the importance of the waste management.

German VDMA Hopes for Doubling its Machinery Exports to Iran Inna Vettkötter explained at this part, and put a questions aside “What are the opportunities for our industry”? she resulted:

  • We can serve the goals of sustainability
  • We can improve the image of plastic products
  • The VDMA member companies, manufacturers of plastics and rubber machinery, provide innovative, future-oriented technology to meet the requirements of the circular economy



Germany Hopes Doubling its Plastics/Rubber Machinery Exports to Iran

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