Hariri Speaks About his Views over the Iranian Petrochemical Industries

Hariri Speaks About his Views over the Iranian Petrochemical IndustriesSpeaking to NIPNA, Majid Reza Hariri , a member of the “Tehran Chamber of Commerce” says economic stability is hinged upon fresh investments in the petrochemical sector of the country.

Mr. Hariri said to the official news agency of the petrochemical industry, that the Iranian petrochemical industry given its vast potentialities for generation of jobs and revenues for the country, can be relied on by investors.

“Given the fact that capital induces stability to the petrochemical sector, over a hundred billion dollars of investment opportunities is up for grabs for oil, gas, refining and petrochemical investors in Iran,” he said.

Mr. Hariri said that most countries welcome foreign direct investments in their industries to generate jobs and pave the path for the arrival of state-of-the-art technologies.

He added: “With the arrival of new investors, the goals foreseen for the development of the petrochemical industry could be achieved, but it should always be emphasized that investment in the petrochemical sector, due to prevention of crude oil sales and increased non-oil exports, should be specially focused upon.”

Mr. Hariri said cooperation with the world’s largest companies in the field of petrochemicals will bring about technologies and exposes Iranian companies to modern technologies, adding foreign investment leads to industrial development and economic growth, and will also lead to increased employment and more robust domestic companies.

The president of the Tehran’s TCCIM, has been under a great pressure and blaming messages by the Iranian converting industry due to what he had been said about the subsidies. In that interview, instead of using the word “Petrochemical Industry” he used “producers”, when he, himself, wanted to blame the petrochemical industries for absorbing a lot of subsidies from the Government and dong nothing for the downstream industries. So, as a result and just a day after, a bunch of critiques published against him.

Hariri Speaks About his Views over the Iranian Petrochemical Industries
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