Highest Possible Quality Iranian Made Acrylic Silica Flooring

Highest Possible Quality Iranian Made Acrylic Silica FlooringFor the first time in Iran, a floor covering slab has been made based on 52% of Acrylic resin. The main structure of this product is made of  coloured silica with a specified mesh that is part of not disclosed formula designed in Iran.

The product has a very interesting mechanical properties, adhesion and flexibility characteristic and an anti-cracking behaviour of this floor covering at thicknesses of about one to two milliliters (even higher than polyurethanes), as well as its guaranteed long life, makes it suitable for covering a variety of indoor and even outdoor and high-traffic areas.  The apparent stability and lack of deformation of the flooring over time and even under high mechanical loads and stresses are one of the most important features of this product.  In brief, using the coloured type of the silica and its special formulation with the Acrylice resin will produce an armed resin slab with mechanical, thermal, electrical and higher adhesion strength and as a result, even when the surfaces and underlying layers undergo a physical form change, this material retains its shape and does not suffer from cracking or rupture. One of the technical and scientific reasons for such a behaviour is the use of 52% Acrylic resin which has a very high elasticity and when it is formulated with coloured silica, this gives it higher adhesion properties and strength. Such a combination creates a unique flooring with high strength and aesthetic beauty on the floor. Also the lighter weight of this product causes a lower weight load on the total structure. Other advantages of this product is its isolation properties and being washable easily. In few cases of damages repairing the could be handed within 24 hours. These newly formulated slabs in Iran could also be easily polished like mineral stones used for flooring.

The ability to be textured, makes it also suitable for any kind of flooring needs like covering the ramps, industrial floors, parking lots, or even offices and residential areas.

The mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of this product are:
Compression strength: 115 MPa, Adhesion resistance: 64 MPa, Tensile strength: 65 MPa,  Thermal resistance at HDT: 90 C, Flexural strength: 89 MPa, Practical thermal resistance: 110 C, Hardness: 90 Shore D, Impact Resistance: 8.4 Kj / ​​m2

Highest Possible Quality Iranian Made Acrylic Silica Flooring
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