“IICIC” the New Co-Organizer and the Sole Executive Incorporation of BDP-Iran 2017

"IICIC" the New Co-Organizer and the Sole Executive Incorporation of BDP-Iran 2017“IICIC” the New Co-Organizer and the Sole Executive Incorporation of BDP-Iran 2017 :  Founded in 1979, The Iranian Inc. for Contemporary International Conferences & Fairs (IICIC), is a leading and well experienced event organizer in Iran. The group is a well known organizer of the most top events in Iran with a team of expert staffs at each sector from IT engineers to VIP ceremonies. For its high level of satisfaction approved by the events’ audiences, as well as, the speakers and private or state owners of the events, IICIC is the main goal for any event planner.

Now, after several negotiations for changing the previous co-organizer of “BDP Iran 2017” which was scheduled to be held on Feb. 13-14th 2017 under management of “Mottahedan Aria Group” (Please note to the final text of this news*), now, all the decision makers over this event reached to an agreement with the “IICIC” management (Dr. M. Poshtkouhi) and so everybody within the executive circle of the event is happy of this outcome.

After several meetings between the CEO of “PIMI Portal” (Mr. A. A. Saatnia) on his position as well as the negotiating representative of the “AIPOD” (Association of the Iranian Producers of Disposables), and the CEO of the “IICIC” (Dr. Mahdi Poshtkouhi), it has been agreed that since March 15th. 2017, the “IICIC” group would have been the Co-Organizer of the “BDP Iran 2017”. In this regard, as agreed upon, the IICIC will also run the Secretariat of the event for both domestic and international markets. It’s worth to explain that the Italian company “SEINT” which has been the exclusive agent of the event “IN” and “FOR” the Italian market is keeping its position as it was agreed before.

Further news over this agreement, which will boost the outcome of this event, will be announced after the new Iranian year starting on March 21st. 2017.

About “IICIC“:

On the basis of the texts within the contents of the “IICIC” website:

Iranian Inc. for Contemporary International Conferences & Fairs (IICIC), established in 1997, is a leading and well experienced event organizer in Iran. Our main objectives have been focused on successfully planning, organizing, and managing domestic and international conferences, seminars, trade shows and other forms of gatherings at regional and global levels. IICIC has evolved significantly in this major industry, organized more than 700 conferences and exhibitions in various disciplines, particularly on Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Industries and Investment and attained a remarkable reputation at regional and international levels. Due to organizing a large number of events at various fields, IICIC has established expanded linkages in different government and private sectors at various levels and has the vigorous capability to act as the reliable consultant of foreign companies/business persons, who would like to have a business activity in Iran. IICIC through taking advantage of skillful and well-experienced management and personnel, with great honor would like to express its interest in providing/organizing the following:

•Organizing demonstration seminars, conferences/technical workshops for promotional activities

•Assisting in getting visas and expediting relevant formalities.

•Establishing the secretariat for the conferences and other events.

• Reserving the convention hall, taking into consideration the type of gathering and number of participants.

•Arranging accommodation, and travel , including reception, transfer and provision of cars, with or without drivers.

•Providing skillful personnel including interpreters, translators, guides, hosts, and hostesses.

•Supplying all kinds of required equipment including sound, video, lighting, graphics, and multi-media equipment.

•Familiarizing with Iran’s relevant business laws and regulations.

•Compliance to Iran’s Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) to ensure safe and guaranteed currency exchange.

•Registering companies in adherence to all Iranian tax laws and registration regulations.

•Providing all necessary statistical data and information.

• All necessary official translations of documents.

•Organizing B&G and B&B meeting with relevant government and private sector companies, experts, businessmen and officials.

•Conducting comprehensive marketing & need assessment surveys and providing consultancy services.

•Providing legal services to operate safely and effectively in Iran by attorneys licenses to practice business law.

•Conducting in depth analysis of proposed projects by our experts in various economic sectors.

•Obtaining necessary work permits for personnel intended to work or travel in Iran.

•Filing all necessary tax returns to comply with domestic and international rules.

•All needed banking and financial requirements in Iran.

•Obtaining all required permits and licenses to establish manufacturing or joint venture operations in Iran.

•State of the art executive office suites ( in the most prestigious business area in Tehran ) enabling companies to become operation ready at a moment’s notice.

•Providing Medium or long term housing needs.

•Accessing to medical and hospital needs of all personnel sent to Iran.

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* Note on the former Organizer: On the basis of the first plan, the “Aria Group Conference and Exhibition Development” was chosen as the organizer of the event, however, after signing the agreements, a very top state position offered to “Eng. Ali Shalbaf” and he was appointed as the CEO of the “Melli Industrial Group Holding” and it was not fare to keep such a top level manager under such a high pressure event which is the first event of its kind in Iran. In this regard and within the frame of a friendship atmosphere all involved bodies decided to change the organizing system.
“IICIC” the New Co-Organizer and the Sole Executive Incorporation of BDP-Iran 2017

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