Inauguration of the 18th Int’l Exhibition of Building & Construction Industry

Inauguration of the 18th Int’l Exhibition of Building & Construction IndustryWith the presence of officials and relevant authorities as well as enthusiasts of this construction industry including the Minister of the “Road and Urban Development” – Mr. Hamid Chitchian- the 18th International Building Industry Exhibition was opened at the Tehran’s permanent international fairground.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the fairground;

The exhibition of building industry was inaugurated at the presence of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, as well as Mr. Ghobadi the deputy to the exhibition’s CEO and a number of accompanying staff and selected exhibitors.

The report states:

At the 18th International Building Industry Exhibition there are 862 domestic companies and 98 foreign companies from 10 countries, including Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, China, Poland, the Netherlands and Hong Kong at an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. The exhibitors are involved in the production of various basic materials for bulding and structural activities, architecture and decoration for interior and exterior, mechanical appliances and facilities, buildings and facilities, electrical and electronic installations, elevators, escalators, conveyors and moving systems, tools, supplies and machines workshop, material production line, technical and engineering services, capital market, professional organizations, training, publications and advertising agents that works with the building and construction industry and present the latest innovations in this field to the respectable visitors.

The exhibition will continue until Thursday, August 9th., 2018, which interested enthusiasts and experts can visit from 10 am to 6 pm.

The construction industry in Iran is a very well established sector with hundreds of domestic small, medium and big size companies producing divers parts and other finished and semi-finished goods, including chemicals to fulfill the requirements of the sector. Of course at the present hard economical situation in Iran, especially after the Trump’s renewation of serious sanctions against Iran, the turnover of the sector seems to be much less than the same period during the last fiscal year.

Inauguration of the 18th Int’l Exhibition of Building & Construction Industry

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