Innovative Sanitary Toilets and Showers for Earthquake Area

Innovative Sanitary Toilets and Showers for Earthquake AreaFollowing a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the western regions of Iran, the people of Iran rushed to earthquake area from any individual group and social groups to help their compatriots.
The aid was so large and widespread that the Iranian presidency preferred to formally declare that “it is better to put people to work, and let the people to do their own works” Of course, the government had no choice but to deal with the destructive magnitude of the earthquake that destroyed hundreds of villages and several large cities.
Meanwhile, the important role of the plastics industry once again emerged and the this industry’s community showed that this industry is able to play a constructive role in many natural disasters. Out of the huge amount of cash donations provided by the managers of this industry, which in one case only reached about 2 billion and 500 million Rials by the members of the National Association of Plastics Industries, they produced massive quantities of various types of plastics sheets, films, disposable utensils and film types, and Sheets and purchases of other necessities needed by the people in need of help.

However, an urgent initiative and creativity more than most of those contributions were made.
During the three days after the earthquake, the proposal and planning of the engineer “Seyyed Mohsen Safaee“, the director of the industrial group “Homa Reshtan“, designed a plan for the production of desert toilets of both types of Iranians, Farms  and European type, as well as personal single use baths were presented using several types of ordinary sheets and profiles, two-wall, double layer, corrugated and fully sanitized with portability and installation in place, possibilities.
In this connection, engineer “Issa Gharibi Kalibr“, the founder and CEO of “Sani Plastic Company“, which is one of the renowned and well-known manufacturers of sanitary and hygiene products in the building industry, admits, in addition to other aids, that to provide and free of charge supply of all the sanitary hoses, valves, flash tanks and taps required for these essential equipment which helps prevention of widespread diseases normal in such disasters.
The images themselves prove these efforts, and this website is committed to being honored by the directors of these two innovative Iranian managers. According to reports, the first carriage and installation teams of these chambers are now heading to earthquake areas.


Innovative Sanitary Toilets and Showers for Earthquake Area
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