Inter-Domestically Changes in Polymer Markets Needs More Attention

 Inter-Domestically Changes in Polymer Markets Needs More AttentionVisual changes at the Iran’s polymer market needs a precise analysis and PIMI will try to present such analysis to its viewers based on the market events during last week and the typical trades during today Sat. Nov. 4th.

The relative relaxation in the free market of polymers, along with the recording of a balanced trading day and, of course, the attractiveness of some grades for purchasing in commodity markets, can be regarded as the main indicator of the true market for Iranian polymer products, but the underlying changes in this market are also felt and are considerable.

It seems that there is a decline in the buying charm in the free market, but the commodity trading boom as a contradictory signal to this trend shows that the buyers’ migration from the domestic free market to stock markets is more serious than before, which needs to be analyzed. This change requires continuity and prosperity, although some of its infrastructure is available on the stock exchange.

Buyers migrate from the free market

On Sat. Nov. 4th., Polymer trades in the Iranian stock market experienced a good day, although at the whole overall scenario, more demands were recorded in the market, indicating that purchasing power and interested to buy more polymers has increased. Compared to the last weeks, shopping attraction has increased, which has led to a rise in price growth, also it is an indicative of the potential for a new form of market change.
The boom in trading and the attractiveness of the competition were recorded in a situation where last week more than 60,500 tones of all types of polymers were traded on the stock exchange, so the charm of trading yesterday is an important point.
Again, both types of regular and textile grades of polypropylene were heading the materials that can have a record-breaking effect in growth of polymer prices in the market and on the other side the low attention to some LDPE grades can be negligible because of the natural bahaviour of the Iranian market at the cold days.

Although growth in the supply volumes of the polypropylene product group may be a recent normal trading event of the market but, since the market inflammation is continuing so it seems that the market is still uncertain about the continued flow of supply of materials, which will lead to the market stability.
This situation, though not so unreasonable, suggests that, on the one hand, the market has the ability to absorb any amount of supplies,and on the other hand, it reflects concerns about the weakening of demand as well as the desires that highlights the purchase and storage of the goods.
This situation shows that returning back of the market stability needs a very long term, however it shows that if the supply of the products in this market continues, the market will have no choice but to return back to a balanced and stable situation.

In simpler terms, in order to have a stable market, it is necessary that there will be no negative mentality in the market about the possibility of  lack of materials supply in future, or, the downstream industries will not suffer from materials’ shortage. Although it is some time that the price ceiling for PP materials has been removed, but it is still unclear whether these conditions are effective or not, we should wait until more evidences ares found on this market.

The domestic market of polymers has had a lot of interesting days and weeks, so that shows considerable differences with previous evidences and approaches.
In recent weeks, the domestic market has shown that, as in the past, the stock prices on the stock exchange do not show a prior attitude or influencing effect over trade volumes, competitive on pricing. In fact, it is less seen that the dominant current in the domestic market could fluctuate based on base rates; also, it can not be ignored by the effect of this signal. By any means free market actions are always influential over many market decisions.

Today’s latest price changes after new prices announcement are as follow:

PVC S65 Arvand = 40,500 [?-500]
PVC S65 Bandar = 40,500 [?-700]
PVC S65 Arvand = 39,500 [▫️0]
PVC S65 Bandar = 39,500 [▫️0]
HDPE Blowing 0035 = 48,800 [▫️0]
Extrusion EX5 Jam = 49,500 [▫️0]
Extrusion EX5 Marun = 49,500 [?-300]
Film F7000 Mehr = 49,700 [?-100]
Film F7000 Ilam = 49,500 [▫️0]
5110 = 48,600 [?-400]
Blowing BL3 Jam = 49,000 [➕100]
Blowing BL3 Bakhtar = 48,200 [▫️0]
0075 = 52,700 [?-100]
020 = 52,500 [?-200]
Lf190 = 52,500 [?-100]
52518 = 48,100 [?-300]
Hi500 = 46,500 [➕100]
2102 = 52,500 [➕200]
2100 = 57,000 [▫️0]
Lld209 Amir = 51,300 [?-600]
Lld209 Arak = 50,900 [?-200]
EX3 Amir kaf = 63,000 [▫️0]
EX3 Arak kaf = 62,000 [?-1000]
PE100 Maroun = 63,000 [?-500]
Z30s Mar = 49,500 [?-200]
C30s = 54,100 [➕1100]
3840 Tabriz = 46,800 [▫️0]
7240 = 64,800 [?-900]
1540 = 61,200 [?-400]
1551 = 49,100 [▫️0]
781 = 47,300 [?-100]
825 = 48,300 [?-100]
552R Jam = 49,200 [?-200]
440G = 46,100 [▫️0]
440L = 54,700 [▫️0]
MR230 = 63,000 [▫️0]
ZR230 = 63,000 [?-3000]
332C = 65,000 [▫️0]
Absn50 = 91,100 [▫️0]
DOP Oil = 57,000 [➕2000]

Inter-Domestically Changes in Polymer Markets Needs More Attention

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