International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016



International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016
International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016


The 5th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Metallurgy will be held on 8-9 November 2016 at Shiraz University. This conference will be the joint effort of Metallurgical Engineering Society of Iran, Iranian Foundry Society and Shiraz University. The Purpose of this conference is to organize a scientific meeting for scientists, engineers and researchers in the field of materials science and engineering and metallurgy from universities, industries and other organizations to present their up to date scientific and technological ideas and investigations.

About Conference

According to the organizer:

The indigenous knowledge which is the result of datum and experience collection of local folks and societies in successive generations is a valuable body that should be considered for getting to sustainable development.

Recently the perpetual cooperation of indigenous knowledge and modern academic knowledge has been considered by researchers, managers and plan makers of countries, for comprehensive advancement of human beings, as well as food supply, welfare and security.

Nowadays, ecosystem disruption and extinction of the important biological species is one of the main problems of the world. Unfortunately human being is the mail agent of such destruction, whereas his life is completely dependent on this unique biosphere.

To save the earth from such a vast ruin which itself guarantees human’s survive, we’d better make use of academic modern sciences and indigenous knowledge.

The aims of convening international conference on the traditional knowledge for conservation of biodiversity are to attract worldwide attention to such a phenomenon, to collect indigenous data and sciences from different parts of the world, and to study its influence on conservation of biodiversity. These indigenous sciences in cases have protected the important and valuable species, and in some other cases have led to their extinction.

Subjects :

  • Foundry, metal forming, welding and powder metallurgy

  • Modeling and simulation in metallurgy and materials engineering

  • Advanced materials including composites, nano-materials and bio-materials

  • Teaching and technology transfer in materials science

  • Extractive metallurgy, alloy production and materials, synthesis

  • Non-destructive testing and technical inspection

  • Planning management in materials engineering

  • Engineering ceramics

  • Corrosion and protection of materials

  • Paints and coating


International Center for Science, High Technology and Environmental Sciences with collaboration of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


International Center for science, High Technology and Environmental Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Telephone: +98 – 0342 – 6228011

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International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016
International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016

The Shiraz University is both a modern as well as old institution of higher Education in Iran. Established in 1946, the University has, since then, applied itself to the advancement of knowledge no less than to its dissemination.

Shiraz University, formerly known as Pahlavi University, is a public university located in Shiraz, Iran. It is one of the major universities of Iran. Shiraz University has always ranked as top 5 among Iranian universities and is well respected in Iran.

The University of Pennsylvania assisted the Iranian government in transforming Shiraz University into the only institution in the Middle East based on American-style higher education. The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) thus became highly influential in shaping many of Pahlavi University’s departments and institutions. Shiraz University has the second biggest campus in Iran.

Shiraz University has pioneered the establishment of doctoral programs in Iran. Presently the university has over 19,000 students, with 200 Bachelor,s degree programs (B.A., B.Sc.), 300 master’s degree programs (M.A., M.Sc.), one professional degree program (Doctor Veterinary Medicine), and 150 Ph.D. programs.

As a top Iranian University, Shiraz University is research-oriented and has about 700 faculty members and 19000 students. The University offers BA/BS in 80 departments, MA/MS in 188 and Ph.D. in 129 areas of concentration. As a comprehensive and accredited University, Shiraz.

University has the responsibility of training qualified faculty staff for other-higher education and research institutes in Iran. It has, thus, contributed a lot towards the scientific development of the country.

At present Shiraz University consists of 14 colleges.

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International Conference on Materials IMAT 11 May 2016
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