Iran Follows Three Goals in Negotiation with the World

Iran Follows Three Goals in Negotiation with the World

Today in Tehran, a ceremony organized to on the occasion of the “Day of Industry & Mine”, hundreds of Iranian industrialists gathered at the “Iran International Conference Center” in order to hear what the Government responsible bodies may say about the future of Industry in Iran.

Being the first and the most honoured speaker, Mr. Eshagh Jahangiri, the 1st deputy of the President Rouhani took the stage and welcomed the audience. Then he didn’t waste the time to explain about the outcomes of after the “JCOPA” period, something that is criticized every they in Iran by most right groups which can’t tolerate the 2nd term of presidency of Mr. Rouhani. At his speech, he insisted: “The 11th IRI Government tried to make negotiations of Iran with the world to be more easier and had a great success on this issue.”

He then added: “We took the first steps and was able to change the Iran phobia to Iran friendship and show the investment opportunities in Iran to the world.” Jahangiri Continued:”Out of our three goals for international negotiation, the first is the market expansion and development, because we have a country with 80m population and we have to produce jobs for unemployed. To do this, then, we have to look after other markets around Iran, and I believe that the private sector has the ability to produce the competitive goods.” He mentioned.

The VP explained the foreign investment as the 2nd goal of the President Rouhani Government, and added: “Foreign investment is our first priority and financing is described by the foreign loans”. Then he noted: ” Many big size international companies are interested to be active in Iran and the Iranian market, and in a short momentum that some countries fired up the sanctions, a company like Total signed an important agreement with Iran and showed that, it is even worth to suffer the risk of investment at this market”.

“Some low experience rivals criticized this agreement, which we had worked on it in about 18 months to consider any difficulty or problem, and now the art of the Government is to use all the capacities of such agreements to build our country”, Jahangiri added.

After his speech, it was the turn for the IMT Minister (Mr. Nematzadeh) to speak and to appreciate the highly added value industry owners. (next news)


Iran Follows Three Goals in Negotiation with the World
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