Iran Midnight News on Sat. Oct. 7, 2017 from PIMI

Iran Midnight News on Sat. Oct. 7, 2017 from PIMIIran Midnight News on Sat. Oct. 7, 2017 from PIMI briefing team:  Having a brief of most important news of the day is a new testing plan for this website. If our survey will show that there are some interested viewers for this midnight news, we will continue its publication, and if not, we will stop it. Its up to you. The news are briefed as “Socio-Economical” News, and we hesitate to reflex the political news. The important means that, the headlines have been more watched at other Iranian news channels.

Economical News

Gold Coins: Bahar-e Azadi (Spring Liberty): 12.610.000 Rials, Half Coins: 6.480.000 Rials, Quarter : 3.720.000 Rials, 1 gm Gold coin: 2.490.000 Rials;

Currency: USD: 39.60 Rials (free market), Commutative Currency: 34.049 Rials

Stock Market: The stock index has dropped by 360.00 reaching to 85069.5 units

Other News:

President of Iran National Carpet Center: Iran’s handmade carpet production and trade are improving despite bottlenecks;

Minister of Energy: Electricity tariffs for power branch will be finalized within the next five years;

Iran’s oil exports exceeded 2 million 650 thousand barrels a day;

Passenger Cooperative Association: Request to double the price of a bus ticket in Arbaeen;

Plating of high fuel consuming autos stopped / Traffic police halted the plate numbering of Tigo 5, Arizou 5, Amoyam X33, S5, Lifan 820, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Hima S7 and BYD S6 vehicles due to high fuel consumption;

Central Bank Governor: Trump’s threats has no effect on banking relationships;

The deputy to the Labour minister promised to pay a loan of 100 million to the medalists of the World Skill Championship;

Sale of Airfare Flight Tickets Only with Approved Price / Violated Offenders;

50cm Rain in 14 Days / Heaviest in Iran at Ramsar – Safarood

Social news

Health Minister: Iran is lagging behind third and fourth generation universities;

Commander Mehri: From now on, the white cane is considered as a stop sign;

Air pollution of today; the weather is healthy in capital

Wergild Chief Executive Officer: Women’s 2-fold increase in unskilled crimes / Fars has the highest female prisoner;

Iran Midnight News on Sat. Oct. 7, 2017 from PIMI
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