Iran Needless of Importing HDPE Pipe Grade in Near Future

 Iran’s Jam Petrochemical Plant has become a supplier of high density polyethylene pipe grade which renders Iran needless of importing the item, the facility’s managing director said, in an interview with NIPNA news agency.

The news published by NIPNA pointes:

Hossein Mir Afzali said his company has successfully developed the technical savvy needed for production of the polymer product

He said the company supplies the domestic market for HDPE Pipe Grade, hence no need for import of the item by the country.

The grade is used for production of polyethylene pipes which are widely used in various industries.

He said catalyst supply was the biggest issue with production of the item which was settled by tapping east-to-access Asian suppliers rather than high-cost western producers of catalysts.

HDPE Pipe Grade is a higher molecular weight material than the standard HDPE.

It displays improved performance characteristics in a variety of piping applications. In addition, the material is UV stabilized and ideal for use in demanding outdoor applications. It retains its properties between -220°F and 180°F and resists most chemicals.

About Jam Petrochemical Industry:

Jam Petrochemical Company (private joint stock) got registered under No. 32285 in Companies Registration Department in Aug 30, 2000. The legal personality of the company was altered from’ the private joint stock to the public joint stock’ on the basis of extraordinary general meeting dated Sep 15, 2008. At present, JPC owns about %75 of the total shares of Jam Polypropylene Company and %100 shares of Sana’t-karan Jam Company with sum 4800 billion RLS. As per approval of board of directors, the execution of tenth Olefin project from the plans of the third five-year development plan for development of petrochemical industries in pre-utilization stage was bestowed to Jam Petrochemical Company (private Joint Stock) since Aug 30, 2000.  In order to achieve some goals of the industrial development of Iran, the main targets and objectives of the plan have been listed as follow:

  1. boosting financial income as well as promotion of scientific, technical, economical and social knowledge level of the country;
  2. Development of oil export and petrochemical products and increasing the relative market share in regional and global market;
  3. Optimum utilization of hydrocarbon resources and thus leading to creation of more added value;
  4. Promotion of technical knowledge level in engineering and equipment manufacturing field ;
  5. Job creation  to soar employment levels ;
  6. Enhancement of national executive power.

Based on of the final investigation of the approved budget, the total investment on administration of the overall project has been estimated to hit $1585 million dollars and Rls 11185 billion (Iranian domestic currency).

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Iran Needless of Importing HDPE Pipe Grade in Near Future
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