Iran Petrochemical News in Brief From Official Sources

Iran Petrochemical News in Brief From Official Sources

As stated in many news related to the Iran’s petrochemical industry, the field is now so attractive for the Iranian economy. Everyday several news are broadcasted on this issue and PIMI is trying to pickup, make it as brief as possible and re-publish it for the readers. Please read the new series of this week’s news:

News 01: Former managing director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Abbas Shari Moqaddam backed NPC’s initiative to integrate sales of petrochemicals by Iranian providers.

The ex-NPC official also argued that purchase of feedstock and equipment by the producers must be integrated as well for the industry to grow faster. “The strength of any industry depends on integration and unity of its players and the petrochemical sector is no exception,” Shari Moqaddam, who is now a member of the NPC board of directors, argued.

He said NPC’s agenda to integrate petrochemical exporters in the country would be an arduous task as it requires consent and cooperation of all the producers and players of the sector. “This would call for creation of a new culture in the sector and a kind of managerial maturity would be required in this regard,” he added.

All petrochemical holdings and unions must close ranks for materialization of this agenda, he said.

News 02; Pardis Petrochemical Company has been ranked among the first 50 top Iranian exporters.

The company was lauded in a ceremony held on the 21st anniversary of Iran’s National Exports Day that was held in the presence of First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri.

During the ceremony that was held in Tehran, Mr. Jahangiri underlined the significance of enhancing Iran’s exports in order to materialize the country’s economic goals.

Iran accounts for only 0.34% of the global exports which would fall to less than 0.24% without oil sales.

Pardis Petrochemical Company supplies 2.04 million tons of ammonia and 3.2 million tons of granular urea.

News 03; The acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) project of Jam Petrochemical Plant will come on-stream by mid-2018, with the annual production capacity of 200,000 tons.

Speaking to NIPNA, the plant’s managing director, Hossein Mir Afzali, said the unit is the biggest ABS project in Iran and will come online within the next 7 months

He said all the machinery and equipment needed for installation of the plant has been procured and its commercial production will begin by mid-2018.

The CEO also said the project has so far made over 60% physical progress.

He further added that an investment of €180m and IRR2,000b has been made for construction of the project.

Iran Petrochemical News in Brief From Official Sources

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