Iranian Cheetahs are Heading for Greatest Match in World Cup

Iranian Cheetahs are Heading for Greatest Match in World CupIranian Cheetahs are Heading for their Greatest Match in the World Cup; Weaving … Hope and Nothing else !!!

For a few moments, we have to distance ourselves from the price of the currency and today’s market protests and … and, together with this important night, lost among today’s protesting news, it is a relaxation for our audience.

At 22:30 local time, our country’s national football team will face the Portuguese national team. In the last two games of this world cup, our country team with a win and a defeat, and a pleasant performance kept everyone hopeful.

While so far 8 great teams such as Poland have been eliminated since their second play, our team in the group B that was named after the drawing the death group on the third day maintained its chances of climbing.

Whether or not, our ascent is on our own hand. That is, our ascent does not result in any other game except our game. If we take over Portugal, we will certainly climb. Although this is not the only possibility for Iran to ascend, but among the probabilities of ascent is the only outcome that keeps our own destiny in our hands. Has it not been, or maybe it has not come to the point that until the final day of the World Cup’s qualifying round, our chances of climbing ourselves remain and do not depend on the result of another.

However, if we get a draw, then we will see what happens to the result of the match between Morocco and Spain and that, if can Morocco beat two or more opponents with their own power? Although this seems unlikely, football is a game of events and so on.

By earning an equal point, even if we do not climb, we are a respected team that has hardly fought in the death group.

Somehow, they taught the team or even a nation to dream and live romantically with their dreams, then it may be possible to see dreams in reality. Tonight, is it the night Iran should think about climbing ahead? Or do you have a respectable and respectable game? In these hard days, we need a very needy “hope of hope”! And, of course, happiness, even if it’s not a special thing.

Good luck to the Iranian national team, from the gates to the tip of the forwards! Dream come up?!? Maybe tomorrow will be another day.

Iranian Cheetahs are Heading for Greatest Match in World Cup

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