Iranian Converters Can Only Look at Sustainable Production and Exportation

Iranian Converters Can Only Look at Sustainable Production and ExportationWhile a senior petrochemical official of NPC says that:”Sustainable production and completion of the sector’s development projects are high on agenda in petchem industry” the Tehran chamber of commerce (TCCMI) is looking to have a joint venture with NPC for sustainable exportation of the materials.

The critical condition of many Iranian converting factories, due to unstable material market and almost daily growth of the material prices is now at a threatening point. Day by day we are observing announcement of sale notices for a whole production plant or just few of their machinery. At such a harsh climate, NPC head office managers and advisers are only looking for more exporting market of petrochemicals as a replacement for the country’s FOREX feed due to upcoming harder sanctions.

The following two news pieces sounds for the future of the Iranian converters.

1- Speaking to the official news agency of NPC, Farnaz Alavi, director of planning and development at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said NPC, in cooperation with the Iran’s petrochemical firms and holdings, is in pursuit of realizing the plans devised for sustainable production and completion of development projects in the sector.

“By interacting with petrochemical companies, we are trying to identify the challenges facing the industry with the cooperation of petrochemical producers and operators,” she said.

The official said NPC was seeking to work out mechanisms to bypass US sanctions on Iran before next November.

“Provided that the EU operates more transparently and the level of banking and insurance transactions with European banks becomes clear, we will be more able to plan our future measures. Relying on domestic capabilities has always been considered in the petrochemical industry,” she added to her challenge!.


2- Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIM) says it is ready to aim sustainable export of petrochemicals by joining the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) and petrochemical firms.

A member of the financial and capital market committee of TCCIM, Ala Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, said enhanced production of petrochemicals is one of the best ways to prevent the country’s economy off export of crude oil and gas, saying: “Today the best path towards economic development of the country is developing the petrochemical industry both in upstream and downstream sectors and TCCIM is prepared to offer whatever support required in this regard.”

“We need to enhance petrochemical exports in order to minimize petroleum exports,” Sadeghi said.

Referring to Iran as a gas-rich country, he said the best way to consume natural gas is using it as feedstock for petrochemical plants.


Iranian Converters Can Only Look at Sustainable Production and Exportation
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