Iranian Industry and Mine Day Faced IMT Minister with Complains

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Iranian Industry and Mine Day Faced IMT Minister with Complains: Customized for the Iranian industry and mine sectors, the “Industry and Mine’s Day” held 10 days later than its annual the fixed date for this event due to Ramadan. However the event was welcomed by hundreds of activists at the two sectors, where most attendees expected to meet President Hassan Rouhani on the occasion.

As part of the traditional ceremony a total number of 45 entrepreneurs were introduced as the best of their competitors and among them just one company was directly related to the Iranian polymer industry: Plastics accessories manufacturer “Teb Plastic” that won the prize for best plastics industry company of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2016 – March 20, 2017).

Saeed Torkaman, the CEO of the so called company also a member of Iran National Plastic and Polymer Industries Association (INPIA), received the award from Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh in the ceremony held on the occasion of the Industry & Mine Day on Sat. July 9th afternoon at Iran International Conference Center.

Torkaman recieved the award as one of the 45 business owners from industrial, mining, and trade sectors who had been identified by the ministry as exceptionally successful.

The meeting was also attended by members of the Majlis (parliament) Committee on Industries and Mines. Like President Hassan Rouhani, the Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani had also been invited but was absent. Some analysts guess that the both top men of the IRI decided not to attend because of the possibility of receiving huge number of complains from the sector: something that later the IMT Minister faced with it openly.

An important issue that was repeatedly raised by the industrialists in the ceremony was the obligatory payment of 30 percent of their employees’ salaries to the Social Security Organization. One of the attendees interrupting the host while speaking from his seat required special attention by the government and parliament to the issue, which he said, has deprived industries of their chance to allocate any budget to research and development projects. This was greeted with a huge applause by the entire hall.

After an hour or so, the host announced that the official parties in the event, including the ministry of industry and the parliament committee had agreed to arrange for a meeting in the near future with the Ministry of Labor and chambers of commerce where representatives of the industrial sector could discuss their grievances and the sides would try to find some way out of the predicament.

Some of the other concerns raised by the business owners who addressed the audience from the podium were as follows: low demand, low investment rate, heavy taxes, limited foreign markets, unbridled imports, technological poverty, and disregard for research and development programs.

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As a briefing many ask, would the eyes of the IMT Ministry will remain closed to the facts that the industries are combating with it? The main image shows the reason for the main question.


Iranian Industry and Mine Day Faced IMT Minister with Complains
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