Iranian Innovation Solution Will Limit Industrial Corrosion Up-to 0.114 mpy

Iranian Innovation Solution Will Limit Industrial Corrosion Up-to 0.114 mpyOn Wednesday May 16th the halls of famed complexes of the “Shahid Beheshti University” hosted the audience of 8th anti-corrosion, anti-scaling and anti-bio fouling seminar at the “Parvin Etesami Hall”.

The 4 hours seminar organized by “Abrizan Industrial Research Co” that is under the special category of Iranian knowledge based companies, was supported by the “Iranian Corrosion Association” (ICA).

The seminar was planned for 3 sessions including:

1- Explanation of corrosion build up and its destructive effects on industrial cooling-heating systems;

2- The scaling build up reasons and its destructive effects over industrial heating-cooling (H/C) systems and its controlling methods;

3- MITREH Solution, as a unique solution for anti-scaling, anti- corrosion and anti-fouling effects.

Eng. Hadi Sholeh the managing director of the “Abrizan Industrial Research Co” and the sole seminar speaker started the gathering after half an hour delay due to very heavy traffic in surrounding streets of the most famous university in Iran.

He first explained about the importance of water and its wastes on different applications including households and industries due to the corrosive effects of water by different means. Then he went through the effects of water and water types on corrosion according to the dilemma that everything will return back to it origin and so we should be expecting in boilers and chillers for heavy scaling of Ferrous original.

Counting the most important methods of descaling of the H/C systems, he disregarded the resin type, acid washing and mechanical methods as old and out of order methods that will have less effect than new chemical methods. The result was that not only all these methods have low effect on descaling, but also they can’t do anything for stopping development of corrosion on H/C systems.

As a result Mr. Sholeh went though advantages of the unique chemicals that have been invented by the Iranian genius chemists and chemical engineers with cooperation of the ICA. Then he introduced diverse range of MITREH solutions for different scaling, fouling and corrosion problems of these system.

One of these solutions, according to Mr. Sholeh, is a unique chemical that is under patenting procedure in USA. He, claimed that using this solution that has the same effects of descaler, anti-corrosion and preventive effects on H/C system, considering that this very cheap made in Iran chemical can go up to 0.114 mpy (Millimeter Per Year) in comparison with 70.08 (50% use of other descalers) to 105.83 when using 100%.

PIMI will have more reports on this invention in near future.

Iranian Innovation Solution Will Limit Industrial Corrosion Up-to 0.114 mpy
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