Iranian and International Subscribers Received PIM No. 332

Iranian and International Subscribers Received PIM No. 332Iranian and International Subscribers Received PIM No. 332: Before long holidays of last week in Iran, the No. 332 of PIM (Plastics Industry Magazine) was distributed and dispatched for Iranian and international subscribers.

This issue which is the third in the PIM new era with a team of young managers, has covered very interesting titles. The main report has been devoted to the Green Production, i.e., the production of plastics goods (specially disposable products) that are harmless to consumers and also the environment.

Since 15 years ago, this issue in Iran has been the base of a great conflict between a group which were claiming that they are the first Iranian producers of PLA based plastics. However, the investigation of the PIM (Plastics Industry Magazine) showed that it is a great lie to the Iranian convertors. So the fight started and is not over yet. That group is selling a material made in China with more than 60% of PE and some other additives in the name of PLA, and another group heading by the CEO of PIM / PIMI are fighting back. The front cover story of this issue is related to reviews of the story.

Other articles of issue number 332 of PIM are:

  • A review of the PIM situation at its 33 years of publication;
  • An article about job creation potentials of down-stream industries of petrochemical industries, and the necessity of funds for industries to import high speed / high-tech machinery from Europe;
  • In the memory of a colleague which was the Chief-Editor of PIM during 1990’s and passed away a month ago;
  • The Green Attrition War; This is a report about the claims of production of green plastics products and the facts behind the curtain about the mob which sells false materials to the Iranian industry. The report also covers reports about the Iranian disposable production industry and interviews with the heads of the Association of Producers of Disposable dishware;
  • PIM special report about Arburg’s technology days;

This issue was published three days ago and distributed for the subscribers.

Iranian and International Subscribers Received PIM No. 332
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