Iranian MPs not Convinced by President’s Answers in His Impeachment

Iranian MPs not Convinced President's Answers in His ImpeachmentIranian MPs not completely convinced by President’s answers; Iranian lawmakers were not convinced by most of the answers given by President Hassan Rouhani to their questions about current economic situation during his impeachment process.

The President attended Majlis to answer five questions raised by 82 out of 290 Iranian lawmakers about his government’s failure to control goods and currency smuggling, continuation of banking sanctions, unemployment rate, economic depression and increase in Forex rate.

The MPs were only contented by President Rouhani’s answer about the banking sanctions while his answers to other questions failed to win the lawmakers approval.

Earlier in the day, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani hailed President Rouhani’s accountability to the nation’s representatives calling it ‘highly valuable’.

‘It is highly valued by the nation when it sees that the top executive official stays accountable before the people,’ Larijani said.

Meanwhile, President Rouhani in his address to the MPs said that his presence in the Majlis and being accountable to the people was indicative of his government’s strong point.

“Today is a great day for the country’s democracy and for religious democracy as accountability is not a weak point for a government but instead is considered as its strong point,’ said the President.

President Impeachment History:

The issue of the question of the head of the president was raised for the first time in the administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Thus Akbar Aalami, the representative of Tabriz in the Seventh Majlis (iranian Parliament) raised the issue and signed some of its representatives, but did not come to an end.

Ahmadinejad, who once did not come up with a question about him, once again raised the question during his 2nd term of presidency in 1390s (2011’s) and went to Parliament to answer, but gave a marginal answer to the deputies who were criticized by the speaker of the parliament.

Because of the same Ahmadinejad’s responses, the deputies concluded that the question was not necessary without voting and taking the opinion of the parliament, thus adding to the internal rules of voting, convincing or depriving the representatives of the president’s responses. The Ahmadinejad government broke the taboo. Once again, in June of 2016, during the government of Hassan Rouhani, a plan that the lawyers of the nation raised in the Parliament due to problems with financial and credit institutions. Of course, it should not be forgotten that this time the deputies inevitably referred to the head of the state because they could not legally be able to ask the head of the Central Bank, the head of the planning and budget organization and the deputy head of the state government as responsible persons in this area, However, the question fell by the withdrawal of the signatures of some of the presenters and left the agenda.

Hassan Rouhani, who once failed to reach a conclusion on the question of the members of the Parliament, came to this process at the “Week of the Government” to answer the questions of the delegates; the representatives who, at the government week, did not ask the only gift they gave to the twelfth Cabinet, but The impeachment of two ministers in recent days and the impeachment of five other ministers in the coming days are the gift of the parliament to Rouhani’s government.

The final result, so far, was that the Parliament was not convinced with the answers of the President and the head of the parliament said that; He can’t send the results to the judiciary committee.

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Iranian MPs not Convinced by President’s Answers in His Impeachment
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