Iranian MPs Praise IranPlast Exhibition over High Exhibitor Number

Iranian MPs Praise IranPlast Exhibition over High Exhibitor NumberLast week was the “Iranplast” week at least for the industrialists at the sector and sub-sectors. Many of the involved people at this sector were either an exhibitor (more than 600 of them) or a visitor. By the way it was a week of thinking to the polymer industry. A Parliament delegate visit to the fair, apart form other ministers, vice President, and Deputy ministers, was also an added value for the exhibition.

In this regard,  one member of the Iranian parliament “Javad Hosseinikia” said to the official reporter of the exhibition’s news headquarter that: “there are no legal barriers for foreign investors in Iran”, adding “The country enjoys favourable conditions for the foreign financiers which makes it a paradise for investors.”

Speaking on the sidelines of IranPlast international exhibition in Tehran, the MP said, “Iran is a paradise for foreign investors.” The fair offers domestic companies an unparalleled chance to introduce their capabilities to the world and attract foreign investors to their projects.

In another short interview, this time with the PIMI reporter, “Mohammad Azizi”, another member of the Iranian parliament, honored Iran’s petrochemical advancements as acceptable, saying the sector generates so much value added for the country.”

The MP, who presides over the petrochemical workgroup of the industries and mines committee of the parliament, told our reporter on the sideline of the IranPlast exhibition in Tehran, that Iran enjoys vast untapped potentialities in the sector that need more efforts to be fully introduced to the world.

“Iran’s presence in international events allows foreign companies to get to know more about the country’s potentialities and riches and will greatly influence Iran’s economy,” the MP said. He expressed astonishment at the large number of foreign exhibitors at the showcase which terminated on Wed. Sept. 27th. after 4 working days.

The 11th edition of IranPlast Exhibition kicked off on Sept.  24th with as many as 1,124 companies from 24 countries.

Iranian MPs Praise IranPlast Exhibition over High Exhibitor Number

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