Iranian Petrochemical News: Propane Project Questionable!

Iranian Petrochemical News: Propane Project Questionable!According to several news published by the official sources of the NIPC central office, the focus of NPC managers is over new projects mainly related to more production of polyolefins. However, these projects are also questionable!

Grounds Broken for $190m Propane Project in Mahshahr

Construction of Koroush Petrochemical Project for production of 150,000 tons of propylene and other downstream derivatives has begun with 190 million dollars of investment in Mahshahr Economic Zone, southwestern Iran.

A ceremony was held last week (December 4) in Mahshahr PETZONE for breaking grounds for construction of the project.

Bank Karafarin is one of the major financiers of the project which is hoped to generate at least 700 direct jobs.

Currently, 27 projects are under construction in the zone which have made between 7 to 90% progress.

Once the projects become operation with an estimated investment of 1.5 billion dollars, a torrent of petrochemicals will be produced in the region.

Source: NIPNA

PIMI: Now the question is that, why the NPC planing office, and several managers, don’t care for projects that can produce propane and propylene by dehydrogenation of methanol? Or why they don’t think about planing for projects to produce higher added value polymers?

Iran Eyes Diversified Petchem Output by Launching New Plants

Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC) says inauguration of new petrochemical projects will add more diversity to the country’s petrochemical output.

Ali Mohammad Bossaqzadeh, director of production control at NPC, said once the projects are online, the value chain in certain sectors of the industry will be completed generating more value added items.

He said this will lead to a major leap in the industry in Iran, provided that timely investments are injected to the sector.

“Today, Iran’s petrochemical industry, enjoying state-of-the-art technologies and by relying on skilled labor, is progress forward in a fast pace and by the end of the 6th development plan, the country will transform into a major petrochemical power in the region and the world,” the official added.

Bossaqzadeh, who is also a member of the NPC board of directors, further called on petrochemical producers to improve the quality of their products if they are to grab a firm toehold in international markets and win over their rivals.

He said the private sector and banking resources can be tapped for financing projects in the sector.



Iranian Petrochemical News: Propane Project Questionable!
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