Iran’s FINEX will Introduce New Investment Opportunities

Iran’s FINEX will Introduce New Investment Opportunities: According to “Securities & Exchange News Agency” (SENA) this financial conference which is set to be held in Tehran later in April will introduce new investment opportunities to both domestic and international investors.

“Middle Eastern investors know little about the Iranian capital market,” Mahmoud Reza Khajenasiri, CEO of Arman Investment Bank said in an interview, adding that the 10th International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank and Insurance would help individuals and companies find new opportunities at the Iranian stock market.

Tehran is expected to host hundreds of financial experts from across the world during a four-day even on April 15-18. The exhibition is aimed at helping participants learn from – and network with – one another, organizers say.

“Iranian financial firms will present their latest achievements and services that might be attractive to investors,” Khajenasiri noted.

He also complained that many Iranian citizens are not well familiar with the mechanism of doing business in stock markets, urging media outlets to more actively cover financial developments, including this year’s FINEX, to get the public aware of the sector’s advantages.

FINEX 2017 is believed to be an opportunity for those involved in the financial industry to educate the public about equities through several workshops and seminars that are set to be held on the sidelines of the exhibition.


Iran’s FINEX will Introduce New Investment Opportunities

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