Jon Wai Machinery Showing Two Solutions for Packaging

Jon Wai Machinery Showing Two Solutions for PackagingJONWAI MACHINERY TAIWAN being over 45 years at the manufacturing business of injection molding field, and one of the leaders of Taiwanese plastics processing machine manufacturers is showing now two solutions for  packaging industries at Hall 3H-S01 in Chinaplast 2018, Shanghai China.

In Mold Labeling 
In Mold labeling for 200ml ice cream/yogurt cup running in 3.2 sec, is showing the Ultra Thin Wall container manufacturing when the container has only 0.35 mm thickness.


Item:  Yogurt cup

Cavity: 4

Weight:    4.13 g

Cycle Time: 3.2 sec

Preform Production

Running the cycle time close to European standard, we runs 8.7 sec of 32 cavity 29/25 preform on 130 ton machine only. Electrical charging motor gives another 30% power saving from servo drive. Not only showing fast cycle, we also focus on power saving in our  JW-130NPM PET Machine
Machine: JW-130NPM

Item: 29/25 Preform

Cavity: 32

Weight: 12.6g

Cycle Time:8.7 sec (including pre-cooling)

To bring the best value of turnkey solution from Taiwan, we help our clients to make synchronization of machine, mold, and automation, even material to build up a system to reach most economic and advanced technology. We will see you in our booth Hall 3H S01 soon!!

Jon Wai Machinery Showing Two Solutions for Packaging
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